C4 Energy Starburst flavors give the performance beverage a juicy twist

C4 Energy Starburst, photo provided by C4 Energy
C4 Energy Starburst, photo provided by C4 Energy /

While the popular Mars Wrigley candy is always unexplainably juicy, the new C4 Energy Starburst blends those iconic fruit flavors with twist of fun. With the goal to exceed flavor expectations, the new performance energy drink might bring an extra burst of sunshine to start the day. Ready to pop open a can?

Performance beverages and energy drinks have transformed beyond a grab and go option at a convenience store or a fitness center. As reported by BevNet, this beverage segment has seen a significant growth in sales. Even with many choices on the shelf, consumers are finding more than just refreshment in that can. There is a thirst for a drink that enhances their lifestyle.

Created by Nutrabolt, C4 Energy focuses on the better-for-you aspect of performance beverages. While the brand has Kevin Hart as an investor, this company is more than the celebrity connection. It has created a beverage that is free of unwanted ingredients yet features functional ingredients that can enhance mind, body and performance.

Does C4 Energy Starburst really taste like the popular candy?

The new C4 Energy Starburst has found a way to bring a taste of that iconic candy to the can. Featuring strawberry, cherry, orange and lemon, it is a new way of wrapping that flavor experience. While those flavor expectations are met in every sip, it is more than just the promise of juicy refreshment.

As John Herman, Chief Commercial Officer of Nutrabolt. “Over two years in the making, both teams worked together to deliver the closest possible candy flavor experience via our zero-sugar performance energy drinks that will ignite one’s taste buds and exceed flavor expectations. The innovative flavor collaboration created with Mars Wrigley was inspired by our unwavering commitment to serve our loyal fans and help them maximize their performance while also having fun in the process.”

Whether people pick based on their favorite flavor or try all four flavors, the choice is a personal preference. From celebrating uniqueness with strawberry to preferring a little more sweetness with cherry, those classic candy flavors are just what people would expect.

That nod to fun is key. Although the old school phrase of “kid in a candy store” might not describe scanning the beverage aisle, the reality is that candy flavors are relatable. There is a simple happiness to unwrapping a candy and enjoying it. In some ways, that feeling is captured with the C4 Energy Starburst.

Many people work hard to play hard. That little reward is well deserved. With this performance beverage flavor, there is a connection to fun, enjoyment and even a little touch of nostalgia. Why can’t fun and function become refreshing partners?

As part of the launch, C4 Energy is leveraging its brand ambassadors and special pop-up events to showcase the fun and function in these new flavors. Rajaa Grar, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer of Nutrabolt said, “we will be able to delight and capture fans both new and existing that are looking to unleash their playful side with explosive energy and juicy flavor.”

From the Mobile Candy Flavor Shop traveling throughout Los Angeles to in person events in New York Comic Con and more, the idea is to capture that energized fun which is represented in this collaboration. These special events are more than just giving people a taste. It is about creating a moment which will form a connection long after that can is empty.

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The new C4 Energy Starburst flavors are available at various retailers and online. According to the brand, other new beverage flavors could be expected this year.

Are you ready to unleash unlimited potential? Which performance beverage appeals to your lifestyle choices?