Nabisco brings back Cakesters to the delight of everyone

OREO Cakesters, photo provided by OREO
OREO Cakesters, photo provided by OREO /

Thinking back to childhood, there was one treat in the lunch box that instantly brought the biggest smile and made the day brighter. Tucked next to the sandwich was OREO Cakesters. Even if you had to eat that bologna sandwich, the promise of the soft, sweet dessert was worth it.

For awhile, those beloved Cakesters were just a food memory. Even though many people wished, begged and pleaded with Nabsico to put them back on store shelves, the emptiness remained. Finally, those requests have been granted and the beloved sweet treat has returned.

According to Nabsico, Cakesters will be part of the permanent offerings for the brand starting in 2022. Although there is a little wait for the arrival, the countdown has begun. Sometimes expressing that love of a childhood favorite food can reap big rewards.

For people who do not remember this treat, the dessert features the classic OREO flavor but in a different presentation. The soft baked cookie sandwiches a smooth cream. While the classic OREO cookie with its crunch always delights, this cake-like version feels quite decadent.

While these treats are delicious on their own, many people might think about transforming them into an even more decadent dessert. From dipping half into a melted chocolate to rolling the edges in chopped nuts, the options are many. Basically, it is the dessert that has endless possibilities.

Is there a new flavor of Cakesters?

In addition to the return of the OREO flavor, Nabisco is adding Nutter Butter Cakesters. The same idea applies to this flavor. The creamy peanut butter filling is sandwiched between two soft cake-like cookies.

Nutter Butter Cakesters
NUTTER BUTTER Cakesters, photo provided by Nabisco /

The Nutter Butter addition shows that peanut butter flavors are gaining in popularity. It might be that touch of saltiness or even the slightly less sweet flavor. No matter the reasoning, Nutter Butter is always a tasty option.

Similar to the OREO flavor, the Nutter Butter dessert could be transformed in various ways. From a chocolate dip to a berry drizzle (think peanut butter and jelly), food bloggers will be posting on TikTok all the many creations.

For people who want that first taste, be sure to follow OREO on socials. Some lucky people might get a first taste before the treat hits store shelves.

Are you excited for the return of Cakesters? What other nostalgic treat would you like to see come back to stores?

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