Sumo Citrus is the top knot of delicious sweetness

Sumo Citrus Mandarin, photo provided by Sam's Club
Sumo Citrus Mandarin, photo provided by Sam's Club /

While citrus season might offer a bounty of deliciousness, Sumo Citrus stands out in the orange hued bowl. Although the shape might be the first thing that people notice, the flavor is what draws them back time again. Isn’t it time for you to see what is so appealing about this treat?

As the winter chill begins to fill the air, the promise of bright, sweet citrus is a welcome flavor. From a freshly squeezed juice to a salad, all that citrus is a delight waiting to be discovered. While the variety of citrus is plentiful, one option gets many people talking.

Sumo Citrus captures people’s attention because of its unique look. While some people might think that the signature “top knot” might be the sign of an ugly fruit, the reality is that the appearance should make everyone take notice of this delicacy.

When a person first enjoys a Sumo Citrus, the experience will make a big impression, just like the name implies. Although the signature top knot is distinctive, it also is part of the characteristics that make this citrus so easy to peel. From the first dig to the last piece, the ease adds to the eating enjoyment.

More importantly, that peel unveils the treat that everyone craves, the fruit itself. At first, the sweetness makes the tongue dance in delight. Although not like eating a spoonful of sugar, the flavor draws a person in for piece after piece. Never cloying but quite satisfying, it proves that nature holds the sweetness rewards.

At the same time, there is a brightness. A little touch of acidity keeps the sweet in check. When the last piece remains, it has many people wishing to peel open another orange.

Words cannot describe the enjoyment of eating a Sumo Citrus. While many people can offer a frame of reference or comparison, it pales to the actual eating enjoyment.

As the Sumo season approaches (January through April), do not miss the opportunity to try a few of these special citrus delicacies. Even if a box costs more than a typical navel, mandarin or other oranges on the shelf. Enjoying one will reveal why this curious looking citrus is a powerhouse that will leave a lasting impression.

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