Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Restaurants: A feast for the foodie adventurer

Virgin Voyages, Scarlett Lady, photo provided by Virgin Voyages
Virgin Voyages, Scarlett Lady, photo provided by Virgin Voyages /

When the cruise line uses the phrase, adult by design, that sentiment is more than just the ambiance and activities. The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady restaurants serve vast and varied food menus that will have many sailors longing for more hours in the day to enjoy this bountiful feast.

Although circumstances have changed over the years, cruising and food can sometimes bring visions of long buffets that lack culinary creativity. Like everything associated with Virgin Voyages, the food is an exception experience. From a nibble under the stars to an elegant tasting menu, each and every food option has been carefully curated.

According to Virgin Voyages, the Scarlet Lady has over 20 eateries throughout the ship. From simple grab and go options in a food hall setting to an elegant steakhouse dinner, there is a dining option to satisfy every craving. And, since all dining options are included with the voyage, there is no reason not to overindulge a little.

Looking at the food options, The Wake is the ship’s signature restaurant. As guests descend down the circular staircase, the anticipation of an elegant affair grows. From the butter color tones to the sophisticated air, this dining experience is meant to be savored.

During a media event, the simplified multi-course menu proved that the culinary team exceeds expectations. From a raw bar selection to a beautifully plated Hamachi crudo that captivated the eyes with vibrant colors, the starter set the tone for the rest of the meal.

As a steak and seafood restaurant, the seafood showcases culinary creativity. The salmon with a touch of caviar is a wave of flavors. Rich, briny and robust, it is an interesting approach to a fish dish.

For the steak lover, the perfectly cooked steaks are a treat. Served with a variety of traditional steakhouse sides and even some Parker House rolls, the meal offers a lovely blend of old world sophistication with a touch of modernity.

Of course, any meal needs a sweet ending. The signature chocolate dessert surprises with its multiple textures. The crunchy hazelnuts contrast the luscious tart. It will definitely end the evening with on a high note.

Which Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady restaurants soar with culinary creativity?

To pick on favorite from the long list of food and dining options is impossible. But, one clear standout is the Test Kitchen. The multi-course, tasting menu is on par with a Michelin restaurant. Even as guests enter the space, the nod to molecular gastronomy is clear.

For a more lively dining experience, Gunbae Korean restaurant is a must try. While this experience might not be Squid Games, there are a few words of drinking encouragement. A departure from hibachi, this restaurant might be the ship’s most popular option for groups.

Through the ship there is the vegetable forward Razzle Dazzle, Mexican inspired Pink Agave and many more. In addition, there are several grab and go options to curb that hunger at any time of the day.

Overall, the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady restaurants take the cruise food experience in a different direction. Just like these guests would not compromise when dining out at home, they will not have to lesser their expectations onboard.

For more information on the dining options as well as upcoming itineraries, please visit the Virgin Voyages website.

What cruise line’s food options are a stand out? Does food play a consideration in your travel decisions?