Tasty Halloween candy that is just for the adults

Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Halloween, photo provided by Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Halloween, photo provided by Dylan's Candy Bar /

While Reese’s might be the official pumpkins of Halloween, there is plenty of tasty Halloween candy that is a little more sophisticated for the adults. From robust flavors to colorful displays, sweet treats aren’t just for the kids.

Every year around Halloween, everyone discusses the best, worst, favorite and questionable Halloween candy lists. While the candy corn debate will never stop and the love of those M&M’s are always en vogue, the reality is sometimes adults crave something more.

Adults are craving this tasty Halloween candy

Since sometimes adults appreciate a well-made, elevated bite can satisfy that craving, See’s Candies has long been a leader in offering that elevated bite. Even though the some of the brand’s recipes go back 100 years, it is always looking to push the flavor conversation forward.

This year, a few of the brand’s limited edition offerings will be huge hits with the adults. Since candy apples are a popular fall flavor, See’s Candies has transformed that treat into an easier to eat treat.

For people cannot resist that caramel apple flavor, the Milk Chocolate Apple Scotchmallow is a must. A lot of flavor in a single bite. The combination of cinnamon marshmallow and apple-flavored caramel will fill your dreams.

When it is too difficult to decide on just one candy, the Mini Night Owl Box is a must. It has a variety of treats. With both milk and dark chocolate, it is that treat that will bring smiles all during the spooky season.

Dylan’s Candy Bar puts all the tasty Halloween candy in the basket

Dylan’s Candy Bar always captures that sweet fantasy world. While those colorful confections delight, there is more to those boxes that the kid in the candy store vibe. It is about the flavor that brings people coming back.

In the brand’s Halloween guide, there is a wide variety of treats. From the lollipops to the tackle boxes, there are many choices that are sweeter than spooky. Sometimes the variety is just what the witches’ conjured up.

One must enjoy tasty Halloween candy is Halloween Surprise Smash Pumpkin. Who doesn’t love an interactive treat. Smashing the outer shell reveals even more treats inside. It might be better than those hot chocolate bombs.

What are your top picks for tasty Halloween candy?

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