Halloween cravings are satisfied with the return of the El Diablo Thickburger

El Diablo Thickburger, photo provided by Carl's Jr
El Diablo Thickburger, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

It is time to put away the tricks because Carl’s Jr has brought the treats this Halloween with the return of the El Diablo Thickburger. As many people have seen on socials, this popular menu item is making its highly anticipated return. Can you handle the fiery flavors of this popular menu item?

Sometimes certain restaurant menu items leave a lasting impression on guests. It could be a bold flavor. It could be a creative ingredient combination. No matter the reason, those special menu items are remembered far longer than their limited time on the menu board.

As Patty Trevino, SVP of Marketing CKE Restaurants shared, “Our fans have been begging us to bring our El Diablo Thickburger back for years. We’re always listening to our customers and want to give them their favorite craveable menu offerings. A limited-time release during Halloween seemed like the perfect moment for El Diablo to make a limited-time comeback. Who knows, we might even extend it to more markets soon!”

What is the El Diablo Thickburger at Carl’s Jr?

The infamous El Diablo Thickburger is one of those Carl’s Jr menu items. For those who do not remember the burger, it is a bold bite. Although there is no garlic to keep the vampires away, the heat level might have a few people fanning the flames.

The classic charbroiled Angus Thickburger is topped with “jalapeno poppers, pepper-jack cheese, fiery habanero sauce, bacon strips and sliced jalapenos. While that freshly baked bun might offer a little respite from the heat, there is no place to hide from this flavor explosion.

While many people long to taste the burn again, the El Diablo Burger has a very limited offering this Halloween season. According to Carl’s Jr, the special burger will be available only at 5625 W Century Blvd location in Los Angles.

The El Diablo Thickburger will be available from Friday, October 29 through Sunday, October 31. The special Thickburger will be sold as a small combo with fries and a drink. The combo has a price of $6.66 (yes, really).

Will you make a special trip to get this limited time only burger? What other Carl’s Jr menu items would you like to see back on the menu?

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