Krispy Kreme Gobbles of Gratitude are the sweetest Thanksgiving Collection

This year’s Thanksgiving Collection celebrates Krispy Kreme Gobbles of Gratitude. Putting aside the debate on the best turkey recipes or the biggest Thanksgiving disaster, these new Thanksgiving doughnuts will have everyone feeling thankful for another dozen on the table.

Throughout the past year, Krispy Kreme has brought smiles to many people’s tables. From holidays to special occasions, the popular doughnut restaurant has had many people buying a dozen to eat and a dozen to share. As the specialty flavors delight, everyone is looking for another excuse to see if the red light is on, again.

As this year’s Thanksgiving celebration looks to have more of a “traditional” feel, people are longing to gather together, again. Recently, Krispy Kreme conducted a national survey and found that “80 percent of respondents said celebrating Thanksgiving is more important than in previous years.” In addition, the survey found “nearly half are planning to attend more Thanksgiving celebrations than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

While that Thanksgiving gathering is a food filled feast, there the morning of and the day after need a few extra sweets on the table. From doughnuts for breakfast to a late-night treat, it might be best to buy two dozens during the holiday celebration.

As Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer for Krispy Kreme said, “We missed out on so much last year, including Thanksgiving celebrations. This Thanksgiving, people have a desire and need to be together more often and more so than any other Thanksgiving. So, we’re creating a way to share your gratitude with others in the most delicious way possible.”

What Thanksgiving doughnuts are part of Krispy Kreme Gobbles of Gratitude?

While a classic Krispy Kreme Original Glaze is always a great choice for any occasion, the Thanksgiving doughnuts could be the star of the holiday table. With four flavors in that Krispy Kreme Gobbles of Gratitude collection, each one will have people loving the fall-inspired flavors.

Krispy Kreme Gobble Thanksgiving doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Thanksgiving Collection, photo provided by Krispy Kreme

The four flavors in the Krispy Kreme Gobbles of Gratitude are Pecan Pie Doughnut, Cranberry Orange Doughnut, Dutch Apple Pie Doughnut and Gobbler Doughnut. Each of the flavors celebrate classic combinations of the holiday season. From robust to sweet, Krispy Kreme channels favorite desserts in an innovative way.

The Pecan Pie Doughnut is a taste of that classic dessert. From the candied pecans to the pie crust, the toppings contrast the luscious butter tart filling. Blending those flavors with the Original Glazed is the bite that will have many people skipping pie baking this year.

The combination of sweet orange and tart cranberry is a great way to start the day. From the cranberry filling to the citrus drizzle, the flavor will have many people discovering the love of cranberries at the holiday season.

The Dutch Apple Pie Doughnut celebrates the classic comfort food. From the apple pie filling to the sweet caramel, it could be a way to skip that pie baking day. Since these doughnuts look like little pies, they could be the solution for individual desserts.

Lastly, the Gobbler Doughnut will be the hit with all the kids and the young at heart. The heart-shaped doughnut has a little Turkey Face decoration. While the chocolate Kreme and chocolate icing brings the sweetness, many people will want that treat because of the decoration.

The Krispy Kreme Gobbles of Gratitude Thanksgiving Collection doughnuts are available now. For more information and availability, check with local restaurants for availability and pricing.


Have you ever served doughnuts for Thanksgiving dessert? Could these Krispy Kreme doughnuts start a new food tradition in your house?