Coolio believes that bacon is a chef’s superpower ingredient, interview

Coolio for Black Label Bacon holiday wrapping offer, photo provided by Hormel
Coolio for Black Label Bacon holiday wrapping offer, photo provided by Hormel /

While he might be wrapping up the holidays with Hormel Black Label Bacon, Coolio appreciates that this one single ingredient could be a chef’s superpower. From a a boost of flavor in a favorite recipe to the star of a dish, almost any food is better with bacon.

As part of a special holiday offering of bacon scented wrapping paper, Coolio gets wrapping both in and out of the kitchen with Hormel Black Label Bacon. While many people will want to have that special holiday gift encased in the most delicious smelling wrapping paper, the reality is that bacon is the gift that keeps giving.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, the pop superstar and chef spoke candidly about using bacon in a variety of ways. Specifically, he believes that bacon can be that superpower ingredient to boost flavor or could be the nuance that maybe was grandma’s secret ingredient. No matter the reasoning, he is a big fan of using bacon in many ways.

One signature of his cookbooks and recipes is the simplicity. Since this recent collaboration is about wrapping things in bacon, Coolio thought beyond the bacon-wrapped turkey shown in the video.

Even though that idea might be a tasty present on the holiday table, he suggested even some bacon wrapped corn. In many ways, almost anything could be bacon wrapped. Coolio even suggested a possible upgrade to that classic sweet potato pie for a sweet and savory option.

What is Coolio unwrapping this holiday season?

As the holidays approach, many people will be excited to see some Hormel Black Label Bacon wrapping paper under the tree. One kitchen essential that he would like to unwrap is a new wok. Just maybe the Ghetto Gourmet can cook up some other new and exciting recipes.

While presents might be part of the holiday celebration, Coolio’s family has some favorite recipes that are always part of the feast. Since his mom was known for her delicious cooking, many of the dishes pay homage to her classic recipes.

Although not necessarily traditional, he always serves his mom’s spaghetti at Thanksgiving. As he shared, his mom was the best cook and pulled out all the stops during the holidays. Whether it was Jackie’s spaghetti or sweet potato pie, it was a bounty of food.

In some ways, that overflowing plate with good food has been the feeling that Coolio has been trying to encourage others to mimic. One of his goals with his cooking shows is to show that recipes and cooking don’t have to be complicated. Instead of hitting up that drive-thru, the homemade meal is delicious, cost-effective and easy.

And, if bacon is on the table, even better. But one question needed to be answered about the superpower ingredient. What’s the best way to cook bacon, in a skillet or in the oven?

According to Coolio, it depends. For small portions of bacon, the skillet is king of the stove. When it is bacon for a huge feast, nothing beats the oven.

If you want to wrap up the holidays with bacon, be sure to enter to win some Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper. The giveaway is open through November 26. Each entry will trigger a $1 donation to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. Hormel Foods will donate up to $10,000.

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What are you wrapping up with bacon this holiday season? Do you agree that bacon is a chef’s superpower ingredient?