Kraft Mac and Cheese wants everyone to help yourself to comfort food

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) /

For many people, comfort food is more than just another dinner. Often that iconic Kraft Mac and Cheese blue box is a top choice. While people can debate the best cooking technique to create the best bite, the reality is the creamy, cheesy goodness is quite satisfying.

Recently the term comfort and comfort food has lost its positive vibe. While comfort can give people a chance to revive, recharge and recenter, the reality is that some people equate that sentiment to just loafing around. In reality, comfort and comfort food should be about making the person feel good.

To put a positive spin on comfort, Kraft Mac and Cheese is encouraging everyone to “Help Yourself.” This new campaign seeks to prove to everyone that comfort is essential for overall well-being. Sometimes that forkful can put a little skip in your step.

From young to old, that blue box has been a kitchen staple. Beyond that tasty bite, this campaign brings a feeling to the table. Although it might not be food for mood, it does bring a new conversation to the table.

Healthy eating and balanced lifestyle might focus on what good for you food, but that emotional connection to food brings people coming back for more. From that moment of celebration to a plate to brighten the day, food impacts emotions as much as it fuels the day.

The whole concept of the #SkipChallenge is to encourage others to help themselves. From enjoying a favorite meal to finding a moment to unplug, that idea of celebrating comfort should be served with a positive feeling. Putting yourself first should not be mixed with negative vibes.

Although not everyone will start skipping after a forkful of mac and cheese, the reality is that people enjoying the moment can start with a tasty meal. Sometimes that feeling free to put yourself first can be that touch of comfort which can nourish the soul.

Everyone can join the comfort food conversation with by joining the #SkipChallenge on socials. Even if actual skipping isn’t happening, sharing those happy vibes can be the best gift to share.