5 delicious facts to know when celebrating National Peppermint Bark Day

While the oven might be filled with holiday cookies, another holiday dessert is the nation’s favorite sweet treat. National Peppermint Bark Day, celebrated on December 1, is a reason to enjoy that seasonal treat for the food holiday.

According to National Today, many people enjoy peppermint bark while decorating for the holidays. From the flavor to the crunch to the seasonality, that combination makes it one of the most popular holiday foods.

While many bakers have their special recipe, the Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark might be the quintessential holiday offering. According to a recent survey over 40% of respondents consider this holiday treat as the “most desired food gift.” Whether it is wrapped and put under the tree, offered as a hostess gift or eaten the day that it is purchased, it might be the most craved flavor of the holiday season.

How are people celebrating National Peppermint Bark Day?

Although there are many versions of Peppermint Bark, Williams Sonoma has the original offering. Staring in 1998, it debuted the original Peppermint Bark. Today, many people anticipate the release of the seasonal treat almost as much as people countdown the start of pumpkin spice season.

People crave that signature taste, but few people have been able to recreate it. When the recipe was created, it took 20 rounds to find the perfect taste. According to Williams Sonoma, only a few people know the actual recipe. Similar to how Santa travels around the globe in one night, it is one of the holiday mysteries that never needs to be revealed.

Even though the peppermint bark is enjoyed during the winter months, it takes the culinary team 12 weeks to create that sweet, minty dessert. In addition, it takes 24 hours to create a batch of the peppermint bark from start to finish.

All that time and effort it worth every seasonal bite. With 1 million pounds of Guittard chocolate, it might be the sweetest holiday gift of the season.


Are you going to be celebrating National Peppermint Bark Day? How many boxes of peppermint bark do you enjoy every year?