7-Eleven eleventh hour convenience items save the holidays

7-Eleven does it again. It might sound cliché but there are even more reasons for people to be grateful for America’s convenience store. When the host needs to be the hero for the holidays, it is time to say thank heaven for that last minute purchase.

While many people cannot resist that Slurpee after filling up the car, it isn’t the only food, beverage or pantry staple on the shelf. Beyond the 7-Eleven specialty products that line the aisles, the reality is that America’s convenience store is often the savior to those last minute forgotten items.

This holiday season, 7-Eleven is back to ensure that no one and nothing is left off the list this year. From those baking needs, like 7-Select All Purpose Flour and 7-Select Eggs to 24/7 Life plates and 7-Select Plastic Cups, instead going without, you run to the corner store whose doors are open and ready to help.

Even when that baking mistake could mean that dessert goes up in flames, why not grab a 7-Select NY Style Cheesecake. Or, if all those questions from Uncle Eddie just get a little too personal, excuse yourself to make a quick trip to grab a bottle of Voyager Point Red Blend.

Does 7-Eleven solve the dry turkey problem, too?

While holiday movies might suggest that a failed turkey dinner requires a trip to the Chinese restaurant or a plate filled with side dishes, there is another option to satisfy that turkey craving. Just in time for the holidays, there

It’s Thanksgiving Turkey Sub puts the entire holiday meal in a single bite. As Vareesha Shariff, 7-Eleven fresh food product director said, “We know how much our customers look forward to our seasonal offerings, and we’re delighted to contribute to the fun and spirit of Thanksgiving with satisfying food that reminds our customers of those comforting holiday moments. Plus, with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner predicted to be higher than ever this year, we’re thrilled to provide a delicious meal at a great value.”

The Thanksgiving Turkey Sub is served on the new 7-Eleven’s stuffing flavored roll. It features “shaved Butterball turkey, sharp white cheddar cheese and cranberry mayo.” It is the perfect bite without all the effort.

This holiday season, 7-Eleven ensures that nothing is left out of the celebration. It is another reason to be grateful for America’s convenience store.