Thanksgiving leftovers recipes that bring extra gratitude around the table

While the turkey feast has been completed, the food may not have completely devoured. These Thanksgiving leftovers recipes will have everyone cheering for a second or third round of that perfect poultry.

When it comes to Thanksgiving leftovers recipes some people like to have dishes that bring different flavors that were not served on the holiday. Others prefer that big bite that mashes up all the food from the holiday feast. No matter the option, there is a bounty of recipes to satisfy any craving.

Which Thanksgiving leftovers recipes are top choices?

While the hard-working people at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line might be enjoying a well-deserved day off, the turkey experts created a Stuffing Waffle Sandwich. Basically, this recipe combines all the leftovers into one dish.

Although it might be easier to enjoy this dish as an open faced sandwich, it allows people to customize the sandwich a little. Using the stuffing as a base, it can have white meat, dark meat, vegetables, cranberries, gravy or a little taste of everything. If you don’t like stuffing, you could “waffle” some bread and adapt the recipe a little.

The classic turkey sandwich is often a top choice, but it doesn’t mean that the sandwich lacks flavor. Since turkey and guacamole makes a great pair, why not add some Wholly Guacamole to that sandwich or roll-up.

Even if it is time to skip the bread, consider a scoop of Wholly Guacamole on top of turkey salad. It can even make eating that forgotten crudite platter a little more enjoyable.

Speaking of the leftover vegetables, one of the easiest ways to incorporate those leftovers is with a soup. Jennie-O Turkey has a variety of soup and stew recipes. From a simple turkey and rice soup to a hearty stew, there is an option for every preference.

In addition, Jennie-O Turkey has a suggest for a turkey pizza. Given that kids love making their own pizza, this idea could be a way to keep them eating turkey even as the leftovers hit the second or third day. Why not create a make your own pizza station and let the fun begin.

Since cooking as a family is fun, let Top Chef Family Style inspire a tasty meal. The Flores duo shared their family tradition for leftover turkey. Their tamales recipe is a delicious option that might start a new tradition in other households.

This holiday season be grateful for cooking creativity and no food waste. There are plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers recipes to be enjoyed.