TGI Fridays adds spirited holiday offerings with Top Shelf Elf

(Photo by John Lamparski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by John Lamparski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

While there might be an elf playing havoc in the home, the TGI Fridays Top Shelf Elf is ready to bring some extra holiday spirit to the popular restaurant brand. From shaking up some holiday cocktails to engaging guests beyond the table, the Fridays holiday spirit is brighter, bigger and bolder than ever.

As the holiday season begins, many restaurants look to add seasonal offerings. While December might be filled with gifts, the special offerings are more than just another sprinkling of sugar and spice. Sometimes it is about adding a little extra cheer to the dining experience.

With the TFI Fridays Top Shelf Elf, the brand created an augmented reality experience. Even if this elf doesn’t necessarily stick to the four elf food groups, the “free-spirited Fridays bartender” is shaking up all types of holiday cocktails, showcasing some bartending flare and adding a little extra to the seasonal celebration.

According to Sara Bittorf, Chief Experience Officer at TGI Fridays, “We created Top Shelf Elf because we want to continue giving our guests a fun and engaging way to interact with our brand and bring the Fridays spirit to life.” This idea continues the brand’s commitment to offering “unique and memorable moments” not just while sitting at the table but beyond it as well.

What is the TGI Fridays Top Shelf Elf shaking up for holiday food and beverages?

While the TGI Friday Top Shelf Elf is adding his merriment to the holiday season, the TGI Fridays team has added a variety of food and beverage offerings for December.

As Bittorf said, “Fridays is a place to celebrate the good times, both big and small, with family and friends, and we know that celebrating is even more important during the holidays.”

That sentiment is clear with many of the holiday food and beverage offerings. Specifically, the seasonal food options are all about the bigger is better mentality. Instead of making guests choose just one food, they get both.

Several of the limited-time premium entrees are duos. From the Top Shelf Pairing of Big Ribs and Grilled Chicken to the Crispy Whiskey Combo, the reality is that these entrees are the best of both worlds. Even the Catch of the Season includes Cod Fillets and Fried Shrimp. And, ordering the Speared + Seared satisfies that land and sea combination.

With so many items on the to-do list, it is nice that TGI Fridays doesn’t put another difficult decision on the table. By giving guests a duo, it is like having two entrees in one. Yes, the holidays are about that extra.

For those guests who want to toast to the festive season, the holiday themed cocktails are ready to bring the cheer. The four libations take classic cocktails and add a touch of seasonal flavors to the mix.

From the Merry Margarita to the Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini, the flavor inspiration is clear. The Crown Apple Cooler with its sour apple and pomegranate might surprise a few people. Combining apple and pomegranate might be the new flavor combination this season.

And, if you’re listening to the Top Shelf Elf, the Ultimate Claus for Celebration should top the list. The green cotton candy is the picture perfect garnish to the holiday cocktail.

TGI Fridays Top Shelf Elf and his merry helpers are bringing all the holiday cheer his season. From food to beverages, it might not make your heart grow three times as big, but it will leave you warm and happy on the inside.

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