Jim Beam Bourbon Cream toasts to savoring special moments

Jim Beam Bourbon Cream gift set, photo provided by Jim Beam
Jim Beam Bourbon Cream gift set, photo provided by Jim Beam /

While seven generations have built the legacy that is Jim Beam Bourbon, the new Jim Beam Bourbon Cream adds another layer to its storied history. From a sweeter note to the holiday season to a touch of playfulness at a gathering, this cream liqueur deserves to be front and center on the bar cart.

For many people, Jim Beam is their preferred bourbon. That touch of sweetness from the corn mash within the original recipe make it approachable to a wide range of drinkers.

Over the years, the bourbon brand has expanded beyond that original. From refined single barrels and double oaked spirits to flavored bourbons that expand the brand’s reach, it is clear that Jim Beam has secured its place as one of the most well-known and popular bourbons.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try the new Jim Beam Bourbon Cream

While there are many Jim Beam options on the store shelf, the Jim Beam Bourbon Cream can add a little extra merriment to the holiday season. A limited time offering, the brand describes this liquor as “creamy, velvety.”

Although the luscious mouth feel has an appeal to many drinkers, it is more than just a heartier sip. The combination of vanilla, oak and caramel with the cream makes it a lovely libation. For drinkers who prefer a little sweet in the cocktail glass, this option is perfect.

By combining Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with a cream, the complementary flavors seem to entice drinkers to end the day with this spirit. Whether it is curling up on the couch on a wintry night or a sipping a sweet ending to a delicious meal, there are many reasons why this new offering will quickly become a winter staple.

Although this liquor could be served simply over ice, it lends itself to a little spirited creativity. From an ambitious cocktail to just a little boost to a coffee, the options are many. In some ways, it uncovers a plethora of good options.

In some ways, the newest offering continues the Jim Beam connection to celebrating both everyday moments and special occasions. “’Getting to the Good Stuff’ means more meaningful moments with family and friends, and Jim Beam Bourbon Cream is the perfect cocktail pairing to savor these moments.”

To encourage some addition fun during the holiday season, Jim Beam has created some holiday kits that will have people “getting to the good stuff” even quicker.

From the Shortest Holiday Story to the Quickest Wrapping Paper, these humorous takes on holiday staples add an extra touch of merriment to the season, And, if game night is the holiday tradition that has a few people longing the end to come more quickly, the Fastest Board Game might need to under the tree.

The special kits will be available online starting on December 7, while supplies last. Each kit retails for $19.99 and can be purchased by “legal-drinking-aged consumers.”

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