Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg hit all the right notes on Baking It, interview

BAKING IT -- "Holidays Your Way" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Peacock)
BAKING IT -- "Holidays Your Way" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg -- (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Peacock) /

The talented pair of Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg know the right words to bring the laughter to the table and Baking It pushes the team beyond a comedic set-up that has people rolling in hysterics. Even as the puns pile up, the heart of the Peacock baking show brings the holiday cheer to all those who watch.

Ahead of the December 2 premiere on Peacock, Rudolph and Samberg spoke to FoodSided about Baking It, the tough love from the grandmas and a few  foods that have moved them to the core. In true quick-witted fashion, the pair didn’t give the expected responses.

If the name Baking It sounds familiar to fans of competition shows, it should. From the same team that created Making It, the show begins with Amy Poehler stepping away from the porch and passing the spatula onto this new baking competition. With team duos tackling a variety of food challenges, this Peacock program manages the rise to the occasion and find the measured balance between competition and comedy.

The humor is the seasoning that makes this program engaging to watch. From Rudolph and Samberg witty puns to the melodic interludes, those moments are a reminder that food is fun.

What food has moved Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg ?

Given that Baking It begins with a well-choreographed theme song, it begged the question if Rudolph or Samberg had recently enjoyed any food that had them bursting into song and dance.

Samberg commented that spicy food often gets him excited. Living in Los Angeles offers a wide variety of options. From Howlin’ Ray’s Hot Chicken to Night Market’s spicy Thai food, those bold, flavorful offerings got him “hyper adrenalized,” but he didn’t necessarily break out into a song.

For Rudolph, her food preferences took a different turn. She mentioned that a really good chocolate cake had her feeling like doing the cabbage patch, but she didn’t necessarily belt out a tune.

Samberg agree with the dessert and dancing concept. He mentioned that the hibiscus dessert at Damien in Los Angeles move him a little.

As seen by both Rudolph and Samberg, all types of food can move people, especially during the holiday season. That idea is at the heart of Baking It. The show is more than just another food television competition. The team duos weave stories about each item that they present. In some ways, those stories are the unwritten ingredient in the recipe.

That willingness to stand up and be judged is something that thinks is hard for the bakers. While the duos “took their criticisms well,” it can be hard to see all that hard work judged. Rudolph said “I don’t know how they do that, to put it all out there and have someone judge it.”

But, Rudolph admitted that it might have been easier to hear that feedback from the grandmas. The “just being honest grandmas” know how to give that sweet yet tough love. As Rudolph said, “they give you the critique but they see value in you and your work.”

It seemed to help that the grandmas have a long list of accomplishments in the baking world. Even though their opinions are clear, they come from a strong knowledge base. Just like many grandmas in real life, their delivery might be a little circumspect, but their intentions are good. And, there are sure to be a few laughs along the way.

While Rudolph might consider Harriet her BFF, all of the grandmas took their judging role seriously. As Rudolph shared, Harriet “felt bad about some of the criticisms” and “it sort of broke her heart to say that she didn’t love something.” She really wanted to cheer everyone on to do their best.

Even though some of the challenges pushed the duos to do their best, Baking It is full of helpful ideas and a few baking hacks along the way. While Rudolph admitted that it might take a little effort to get her to bake, there were a few hacks that intrigued her. Just like all viewers who are watching the Peacock show, there are plenty of tips and tricks to be used in the home kitchen.

While the new Peacock series will bring much holiday cheer to those who watch, Rudolph and Samberg had just one holiday sentiment for everyone. Maybe “Happy Fall Y’all” is the wish that transcends all the seasons.

Baking It with Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg airs on Peacock. The premiere episode is set for December 2. There are a total of six episodes in the series where eight teams compete for the grandma’s praise, a coveted broach and the ultimate prize.

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