2021 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll is the treat of the season

While Disney Parks are sparkling in holiday decor, the 2021 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll is the sweet delight of the holiday season. Although the aroma of chestnuts roasting might tempt guests as they enter World Showcase, the Cookie Stroll is the present that keeps on giving during the visit.

During the annual International Festival of Holidays, Epcot celebrates holiday traditions from around the world. As the various marketplaces tempt with delicious food options, it can be hard to eat every delicious option on the menu. It is one of the reasons why many people visit time and again during the holiday season. When the sun sets on the on Spaceship Earth and the lights begin to sparkle, it seems like the journey to delectable delights has just begun.

What sweet treats are on the 2021 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll?

Similar to previous offerings, the 2021 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll offers five different cookies around Epcot and a special sixth completion cookie. While most people enjoy one of each cookie, you do not necessarily have to try each flavor to get the completion cookie. A total of five cookie purchases will work.

Four returning favorite cookies are back on the menu. Those cookies include the classic gingerbread man, Linzer cookie, Chocolate Crinkle Cooke made with DOVE Dark Chocolate and Black and White cookie.

Although everyone has a favorite, the Linzer Cookie is a delight with its raspberry center and tender cookie. After enjoying that cheese fondue, it is the brightness to lift the hearty meal.

For a pairing that might be a little surprising, consider ordering the black and white cookie with a glass of the Schmaltz Brewing Company Hanukkah Beer. This food and beverage combination makes a strong argument for cookies and beer pairing.

Continuing that idea, there is a new cookie joining the 2021 Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll. Located at the Yukon Holiday Kitchen in Canada, the Snickers-Doodle Cookie, made with Snickers is a must try. It captures that sweet and salty combination that always satisfies.

And, consider another cookie and beer pairing. The Playalinda Brewing Company Maple Cookie Blonde Ale offers another layer of flavor. A touch sweet, the Blonde Ale plays off the nutty saltiness in the cookie.

Of course, many people want the special completion cookie. This year, the sixth cookie celebrates Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. Decorated with a 50 and in the celebratory color scheme, the cookie is almost too pretty to eat.

While many people share the cookies with friends, another option is to bring a little container (or by the holiday cookie jar) and keep some of the cookies for later. Even if you just enjoy half a cookie, there is a treat to remember you Epcot holiday visit at home.

The International Festival of the Holidays runs now through December 30 at Epcot. The event is included with theme park admission. Food purchases have varying costs. Theme park reservations are required, and health and safety protocols are in place.


What is your favorite holiday cookie? Are you going to join the cookie stroll this year?