Pillsbury has a simple baking hack to make holiday cookies tastier

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From the plate of cookies for Santa to an anytime treat, Pillsbury understands that the holiday cookies need to be as tasty as they are pretty. Even though grandma might be the expert baker, this simple baking hack could make your cookies worthy of her praise. And, the ingredient is probably already in your pantry.

Many people turn to Pillsbury for their baking needs. While Poppin’ Fresh might be offering a giggle of encouragement, the iconic company has guided many home bakers to success. This holiday season, the brand is plating a simple baking hack or two to ensure that the dough going into the oven is on the right track.

Home bakers understand that sometimes the final cookies might not come out of the oven exactly how they planned. Putting aside oven temperatures and faulty timers, a switch to one ingredient will make a big difference.

During the holiday season, many people love sugar cookies. From the classic cookie covered in sprinkles or cut into various shapes, the simple cookie is piled on the plate. But, did you know why your cookie hasn’t kept that Christmas tree, reindeer or other festive shape?

According to Pillsbury, using powdered sugar in the recipe will help a sugar cookie keep its shape. This simple swap might be a game changer.

Also, using powered sugar in the recipe can help make the cookies more tender. It seems that powdered sugar is the secret ingredient or baking hack that might change all those holiday cookies for the better.

Pillsbury serves simple baking solutions for holiday cookies

While some people love putting that stand mixer on the counter, others prefer to let someone else do all the heavy lifting. Luckily, Pillsbury has a variety of pre-made cookie dough options that take the guess work out of holiday baking.

Even if home bakers love all those cut-out sugar cookies, a little help in the kitchen doesn’t earn top billing on the naughty list. Rolling out a little Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough is a simple solution. Just remember to roll that dough thin so that the cookies keep their shape.

For people who prefer to avoid the sprinkles and icing, there are plenty of other options as well. From the Gingerbread Cut Out Cookies to Winter Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough, the refrigerated section is full of options.

This holiday season let Pillsbury be the baking expert to ensure all those holiday cookies are worthy of the celebration.

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