5 Charcuterie board trends to plate sooner versus later

ALDI Charcuterie Board trends, photo provided ALDI
ALDI Charcuterie Board trends, photo provided ALDI /

As grazing often replaces a full meal, these five charcuterie board trends give that salami river another bend in its path. Thanks to the ALDI Charcuterie Board of Directors, the favorite food serving method never gets stale. Ready to impress with these creative ideas?

While ALDI Finds fill people’s carts, the store is a bounty of treasures beyond those weekly deals. From the delicious cheese to the flavorful desserts, each item brings a spark of creativity to the table.

Recently, ALDI formed its Charcuterie Board of Directors. This talented group of foodies has curated a trends list that will have everyone ditching the plated dinner for another charcuterie board.

What started as a way to enjoy cheese, meat and nibbles, that board is more than just those limited food items. From breakfast to dessert, the board has become the perfect serving vehicle.

What does ALDI predict as the next big charcuterie board trends?

Food trends can be a tasty conversation. Whether wishful thinking or based in fact, the reality is that people are always looking for the next big thing. Although a taste of the familiar is never far from reach, the truth is that people want fresh on the plate.

One charcuterie board trend on the list is melted cheese board, aka fondue. While that 70s fondue pot might be a little dated, there is something seductive about dipping food in melted cheese. Even though no one wants to spill on their shirt, the luscious, creamy cheese cannot be resisted.

Given that melted cheese can pair with many foods, the board continues to evolve. From bread to vegetables, everyone will want to dip and dip again.

If melted cheese doesn’t make a person’s stomach grumble the call of hot, fresh fries might. A big platter of waffle fries, sweet potato fries, and even some steak fries will have everyone jumping on that carb band wagon. Just make sure that there are a variety of sauces on hand to enjoy with those fries.

While fries might be some people’s vegetable, the charcuterie board can be a way to encourage a few more vegetables in the eating choices. From bold colors to curious flavors, it can be a way to make vegetables a little more exciting.

ALDI Charcuterie Boards trends
ALDI Charcuterie Boards trends, photo provided ALDI /

And, why should the adults be the only ones who get a charcuterie board. Kid-friendly charcuterie boards could be an engaging way for parents to get the kids to be less picky. From making cute characters to fun scenes, a little whimsy on the table could get the kids to eat more than just another PB&J.

These charcuterie board trends are just a few of the many suggestions from the ALDI Charcuterie Board of Directors. Going into next year, the ALDI Finds might produce an even bigger bounty in the cart.

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