Four global spices that will be flavoring meals in 2022

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(Photo by Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

As one year ends and another begins, food trends become a hot topic. According to Janet Johnston, Savory Spice Owner and former Food Network’s Spice & Easy Host, these four global spices will be front and center in the kitchen. Is it time to revamp that spice shelf and upgrade the flavors in your favorite dishes?

Over the years, many home cooks have been more welcoming of using bolder flavors in their recipes. While some people love simplicity, the reality is that building layers of flavors is key to becoming a better cook.

Many cuisines have long embraced spices. Whether it is was people’s sense of wanderlust or just a desire to learn more about food, more and more people are looking to incorporate global flavors into their home cooking.

Recently, Johnston suggested four global spices that home cooks will want to start incorporating into their recipes.

Ras el Hanout

While this term can be translated as top of the shop, the Moroccan or North African spice is a blend of flavors. At first sweet then followed by warm spices, that contrast is intriguing. Followed by the luxurious saffron and the invigorating golden turmeric, there are so many aspects to this blend. It can be exciting to explore the many uses for this spice.


For people who have embraced turmeric, fenugeek is another spice that can have health benefits, like anti-inflammatory benefits. More and more chefs are incorporating this flavor into recipes beyond chutney. From soups to side dishes, there are many ways to boost a recipe’s flavor.

Urfa chiles

While many people love their spice, these Turkish chiles have a smoky quality yet a subtle heat. While some cooks used this dark colored, sun-dried chile to savory recipes, consider adding a little to a beverage for a new twist.


Another spice that blends a variety of flavors, this Lebanese spice can be the flavor that enhances a hearty stew or even a chili. The flavors of a Spanish paprika and a touch of citrus, this flavor might be the one that makes everyone impressed with your latest recipe creation.

What global spices do you think that FoodSided should explore this year? Do you have any great recipes that use these spices?