Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle asks Bachelor Nation to accept this treat

As the new year begins, there is a proposition that is just too tempting to refuse. The Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle entices the Bachelor Nation not with another red rose. Instead, the season premiere of “The Bachelor” will be served with a offer of deliciousness everyone will want to accept.

For the Bachelor Nation, each new episode is more than just another serving of drama. From the one on one dates to the ultimate fantasy event, each twist and turn offers romance overload. Although everyone will have their preferred couples, it is the drama that unfolds every week that brings people to watch.

To kick off the new season and year, the Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle asks fans if they will accept this tasty combo. Available on each Monday, the combo features “two Classic Rolls and two Cinnamon Roll flavored Cold Brew Iced Coffees.”

Michael Alberici, Vice President of Marketing, Cinnabon said, “Bachelor Nation is a dedicated fanbase that looks forward to new episodes each week and we hope the Fantasy Sweet Bundle will have them anticipating Mondays even more. To help viewers treat themselves each week, we’re giving everyone a delicious option that pairs perfectly with the exciting journey that unfolds on screen.”

The Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle is available at participating bakeries and can be delivered as well. For those who want to ensure that the treat is waiting for their Monday night viewing parties, an order can be placed online or via the Cinnabon app. The bundles has a starting price of $15.

Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle for Bachelor Nation

Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle, photo provided by Cinnabon

Could the Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle spark your own romantic interlude?

Sometimes when people want to set a romantic tone, choosing the right food is important. Beyond enticing a suitor with a favorite food or an expertly created meal, the ingredients themselves could help feed the flame. Although people can debate over aphrodisiac foods, a little boost in the love vibes should not be overlooked.

It is said that “cinnamon is the only natural aphrodisiac recognized.” (per Cinnamon is believed to help stimulate blood flow. Although calling it the love spice might be a little much, adding a little cinnamon could be the spark that some people crave.

While Cinnabon isn’t necessarily saying that its Cinnabon Fantasy Sweet Bundle will fan the romantic flames in your world, it can be a lovely way to share a treat with someone special. From a friend who needs a pick-me up on Mondays to a tempting way to steal someone for a second, this special order might be the most enticing offer to start the new year. Isn’t it time that everyone resolve to indulge a little more?