ESPN Postseasoning brings the flavor intensity to the football food

ESPN Postseasoning, photo provided by ESPN
ESPN Postseasoning, photo provided by ESPN /

For any fan, football food is a just as important to the game day experience as that lucky jersey. As fans prepare to cheer their teams towards earning the championship, the hunger for that win grows. With the new ESPN Postseasoning, that craving is satisfied with the bold flavor of victory.

Many people take pride in their football food. While the various stadiums tempt with chef-driven offerings that capture the latest food trends, the reality is that the tailgate and the homegate are the heart of the football food experience. In some ways, that grill in the parking lot might be a more coveted bite than the hottest restaurant in town.

As the playoffs come into view, the menu takes a different turn. It is no longer that simple hot dog or hamburger on a grill. That food spread that is worthy of a playoff run. While victory might be sweet, champions embrace the spice.

Cue the theme music because ESPN Postseasoning is here.

A first for the iconic sports programming brand, ESPN Postseasoning promises to bring the flavor to those final games of the season. Even if that last minute fumble has a few people crying in their beer post game, the football food will be the warm memory that can help that sadness fade from mind.

The special custom spice blend is bold, slightly intense but definitely a flavor that cannot be resisted. For football fans who are passionate about their team and their football food, it will be a must.

Check out this ESPN Postseasoning video.

While this seasoning has versatility, it might be a few more appropriate uses for the spice blend. Spicy cereal milk might not be a food trend that everyone can appreciate.

Combining “salt, onion, gochugaru, garlic, paprika, black pepper, and cayenne” the heat is apparent but not overwhelming. Similar to that 2 minute game winning drive, the flavor drives the boldness home without any apologies.

The gochugaru is a smart choice for this blend. The Korean chili has a heat, but it does not scorch the palate. With fruity, smoky and even a touch sweet, it is that umami flavor that adds nuance to many dishes.

To inspire fans to up their football food game, ESPN has partnered with James Beard Award-winning pitmaster Rodney Scott. While a sprinkle of this seasoning might not reveal all the secrets of Whole Hog BBQ, Scott’s recipes will score with fans.

From a riff on Devil’s Eggs to even a dash on potato salad, the ESPN Postseasoning is that special something that seems to just make the flavor better. Just like that one particular quarterback who always seems to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, this spice blend gets it done.

And, if you are up for the challenge, definitely try Scott’s rib recipe. Even if ribs have been your bbq nemesis, this recipe could be that hail mary for the win. After all, sometimes the underdog prevails.

While many people would love to flavor their championship run with ESPN Postseasoning, this special offering isn’t available in stores. 10,000 bottles will be given out through out the post-season. Attending at the College Football Playoff National Championship can visit Playoff Fan Central located at the Downtown Indianapolis Convention Center for the giveaway. The spice blend will be available from January 8 through 10, while supplies last.

Cookies might be for closers, but ESPN Postseasoning is for champions.