El Pollo Loco Dos Locos Salads are balanced comfort food

As the new year begins, the El Pollo Loco Dos Locos Salads offer the tasty forkful that people crave. When comfort food is this tempting, the deliciousness needs to be enjoyed.

For many people, the LA-Mex comfort food from El Pollo Loco is a craving that cannot be denied. From that approachable spice to the layers of flavor, one bite satisfies.

When the new year begins, many people are looking for that balance. Even though negative food terminology is no longer part of the vocabulary, lighter, balanced dishes and healthy eating seem to be in focus. With the new El Pollo Loco Dos Locos Salads, each menu item captures that comfort food flavor yet has a balanced slant.

As Andy Rebhun, El Pollo Loco Senior Vice President of Marketing, said “We know health and wellness are top of mind for many this time of year, but El Pollo Loco recognizes that more consumers are craving balance and comfort, so we designed Dos Locos Salads to help you kick off the new year on a delicious note.” Each offering is what guests expect from the brand, “LA-Mex comfort food you truly crave.”

What are the El Pollo Loco Dos Locos Salads?

Designed to combine favorite flavors with organic super greens, each salad focuses on the healthy  eating, balanced concept. By focusing on flavor, not sacrifice, many people will be enticed to place that first order. The bigger benefit is that the salad will be so satisfying that they will order it again.


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The three salads are: Cheesy Quesadilla Salad, Chicken Taquito Salad and Unwrapped Chicken Burrito Salad. Although it is difficult to pick a favorite, these salads are quite substantial. It is almost like having two meals in one bowl.

The Chicken Taquito Salad might become the most popular offering. Placing chicken taquitos and chopped-fire grilled chicken on super greens and lettuce, it is the combination of textures that satisfy. With fresh avocado, pico de gallo and queso fresco, one bite hits all the flavor profiles. Spicy, savory and even a touch indulgent, it shows that healthy can be hearty.

All salads can be enjoyed with either creamy cilantro dressing or Mexican vinaigrette. Either flavor would pair well with the three offerings.

These El Pollo Loco Dos Locos Salads will be available through March 16.