Jameson Orange adds a burst of brightness to the classic Irish Whiskey

Jameson Orange, photo provided by Jameson
Jameson Orange, photo provided by Jameson /

Kick off the new year with a rousing Slainte because Jameson Orange invites everyone to shake up a new flavor experience. Grab the ice and a glass, a little sip of sunshine awaits.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is iconic. From the consummate fan who always has a bottle on the shelf to the person who cannot celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without a pour or two, the liquor always delivers a taste of the Emerald Isle.

While the term whiskey is bantered about, not all bottles are the same. As many liquor drinkers appreciate, Irish Whiskey tends to be slightly lighter or have a more rounded taste. The smoothness is what draws many people to pour another two fingers.

With Jameson Irish Whiskey, the balanced flavor lends itself to a wide-reaching appeal. A little spicy from pepper notes and a touch sweet, it can be drunk neat or used in a variety of cocktails.

How is Jameson Orange expanding the brand’s reach?

Over the past several years, flavored liquors have become more popular. Many iconic brands have found ways to add sweetness, florals and fruits to the mix. While these additions will never replace the classic offerings, they do give drinkers the variety that they often crave.

Last year, the Jameson released this offering in the UK. After being well received there, the spirit is available in the U.S. starting in January 2022.

Thinking about the Jameson Orange, the addition of orange works well with the Irish Whiskey’s flavor profile. Orange and pepper are classic. Layering in nutty qualities and a hint of sweetness, the addition of the citrus seems to lift all the other flavors. Similar to adding citrus to a recipe, the flavors seem to meld together seamlessly.

While many people will enjoy Jameson Orange served over ice and with a twist, the offering lends itself to cocktails. It is the perfect base to build flavors. From highlighting the spice to drawing out the sweetness, it is time to get out the cocktail shaker.

In addition to riffs on classic cocktails, like a mule or even a Boulevardier, the Bow St. Smash is a delightful introduction to the flavors that this spirit offers. The combination of citrus flavors and the hint of mint makes this cocktail quite refreshing both on a wintry day or a warm summer night.

Jameson Orange Bow St. Smash
Jameson Orange, photo provided by Jameson /

Here’s how to make a Bow St. Smash with Jameson Orange.

Bow St. Smash


  • 1.5 parts Jameson Orange
  • 4 lemon wedges
  • Mint leaves
  • .5 parts vanilla/simple syrup

How to mix:

  • Muddle lemon, mint, and syrup. Shake and strain and garnish with an orange twist and mint leaves

One side note, choose the sweetener wisely. There is a difference in the final flavor between the vanilla and simple syrup. A quality vanilla will add a more robust taste. Given the simplicity of this cocktail, it is best to always use the best ingredients.

Also, another twist on this cocktail could be to add some crystalized ginger. That note of spice could make for a warm and cozy cocktail on a winter night.

Citrus season is here, and it is time to add a little brightness to cocktail hour. Open a bottle of Jameson Orange and raise a toast to a merry, long life.