Pillsbury Funfetti donuts lets home cooks create their own bakers’ dozen

Pillsbury Funfetti Donuts, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Funfetti Donuts, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Who doesn’t love the Pillsbury Funfetti line? Every bite brings a taste of a celebration. Now, the Pillsbury Funfetti donuts have home bakers skipping the morning bakery run and baking up a batch at home.

Arriving in stores on February 1, the Pillsbury Funfetti donuts come in three flavors, Funfetti Cake, Unicorn Pink Vanilla and Chocolate. Included with the mix is a classic glaze. For anyone who longs to start the day with a freshly made donut, this mix will be waiting in the pantry.

Looking at the three flavors, they capture the fun that is a staple of this line. Sometimes a few sprinkles turn any day into something special. Plus, colorful food always brings a smile to the table.

While the appearance is a feast for the eyes, the flavors are approachable. Classic flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, lend themselves to giving home bakers confidence to create. Whether paired with a cup of coffee or a big glass of milk, everyone will want to dig into these donuts.

Since the flavors are classic, it can be a starting point to promote some creativity in the kitchen. While the mix comes with a simple glaze, why not create a few options with a flavor twist. From a salted caramel on the chocolate to a strawberry glaze on the vanilla, the options are many.

In some ways, it could spark a fun conversation around the breakfast table. Just like the breakfast board allows people to graze, a donut bar could make for a delightful brunch. Consider making a bunch of donuts or donut holes and let everyone pick their glaze, decoration or other topping. It can be conversation starter to better appreciate everyone’s favorite flavors.

The new Pillsbury Funfetti mixes make 12 large donuts or 36 donut holes. These donuts can be baked in the oven, fried or even made in the air fryer. Basically, if you can make a cake, you can have freshly made donuts straight from your kitchen.

What do you think of the Pillsbury Funfetti donuts? Which flavor would you like to try first?