Eddie Jackson says that this word should drive big game menus, interview

Eddie Jackson for Sweet Earth, photo provided Sweet Earth
Eddie Jackson for Sweet Earth, photo provided Sweet Earth /

As the author of Game Day Eats, Eddie Jackson knows about creating big game menus. While his recipes are filled with bold, layered flavors, that menu is more than just one signature dish. During a recent conversation with FoodSided, one word seems to drive everything that he serves on that game day menu.

Recently, Eddie Jackson partnered with Sweet Earth. The plant-based food company has impressed many cooks with its ability to bring bold flavors to the table. While many people look to plant based food to offer variety in their eating plans, that bite needs to satisfy, and that concept is built on flavor.

As part of this partnership, Jackson created a variety of game day recipes. While all of the recipes have ease of eating, which is important to Jackson, there is another concept woven into the menu as a whole. For Jackson, it comes down to this one word.

Specifically, Jackson said that his big game menus are all about the balance. For him, “that big spread for game day is all about balance and having a little bit of something for everyone.” Even if there is a main dish star, there is variety on the table.

Jackson said that he serves salads side by side with a hearty chili. Or, looking at his Sweet Earth recipe, some eggrolls with a chicken slider. That willingness to “have a little something for everyone,” makes the whole event a huge success.

For Jackson, that concept of balance isn’t limited to just big game menus. It is an ideal that has long driven his own personal food choices as well as the concept that he teaches his personal training clients.

Specifically, Jackson used the term conscious effort when it comes to healthy living. From eating well to working out, it is about turning those baby steps in sustainable change. Whether it is adding some plant-based food options like Sweet Earth into a weekly meal plan or adding changing portion size, all that conscious effort can and does make a difference.

As everyone starts to think about those big game menus, let balance be the mantra for the tremendous food spread. A little taste of everything will ensure that the food is a winner, regardless of the game score.