Sweethearts shows words of encouragement are the sweetest expression

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

While there are plenty of Valentine’s Day candy options on the shelf, Sweethearts have always been associated with an expression of love. From the way to tell someone that your heart skips a beat when they are in the room to hoping for a new love connection, those little phrases on a sweet treat have become synonymous with the love filled holiday. This year, those few words are more than just a way to say I love you.

Over the years, Sweethearts have been a focal point of the Valentine’s Day celebration. From the scarcity one year to a taste of nostalgia, those little candy hearts always have been talking. This year is no different.

According to the brand, new phrases have been added to the mix. These words of encouragement are said to be “timeless and relevant.” While the brand has been around for 120 years, it is always looking for ways to keep the candy offering from being stale. Over the years, the little phrases have been updated. By blending new and old, it expands their appeal.

As Diana Eschhofen, Director of Corporate Communications for Spangler Candy Company, Sweethearts’ family-owned maker, said “From the beginning, our candies have delighted while serving a purpose. They give people a playfully affectionate way to express to friends, family, and other important people in our lives how special they are.”

These words of encouragement seem to part of a growing food trend for candy brands. Similar to other brands, the inclusivity conversation is growing. While many people appreciate those love expressions, no one wants to be left out. Sometimes a positive word or statement can make everyone feel better.

Although the flavor of the Sweethearts candy is an acquired taste, many people pick this seasonal candy just for the phrases. Even if the candies are used as a garnish for another dessert, there are plenty of reasons to buy another bag this year.

But, also consider pairing the phrases with the actual flavors of the candies. Since the Sweethearts candies’ flavors are: Wintergreen, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Blueberry, Banana, Grape and Cherry. From the person whose personality is so appealing to the brightest friend in the bunch, the list of food puns and connections are many.

The Sweethearts candies are available in a variety of package options. They can be purchased at various retailers.