Zoe Saldana shares her journey to find a little more balance, interview

Zoe Saldana for Corona, photo provided by Corona
Zoe Saldana for Corona, photo provided by Corona /

Finding a moment to chill is a sentiment that many people can appreciate, and Zoe Saldana is encouraging everyone to find that moment to step away from the noise. While the celebrated actress is also a busy mom, she has come to focus on discovering the balance in her daily routine.

Recently, Corona and Saldana unveiled a series, Keepin’ it Cool with Zoe Saldaña. While these videos capture that simple moment of unwinding with a Corona Premier, the concept should not live in just an unrealistic space. The work, life, play and chill components need to blend. Like a harmony in a favorite song, one cannot happen without the other.

As part of her Corona partnership, Saldana spoke to FoodSided. While the conversation didn’t dive into her current and future projects on screen, she spoke candidly about why balance seems to be her current mantra. Similar to those “Keepin’ It Cool moments,” a break to reset has become a priority.

Specifically, Saldana has been trying to find “little moments of pleasure” throughout the day. She looks to find that opportunity to release a little energy and find ways to even out. While the goal is to find an overall balance, Saldana understands that it is an “experiment” or work in progress. As she tries to reconnect with those ideals, it does not have to be an all or nothing situation.

For example, while others might resolve to limiting particular beverages, Saldana is not a fan of that all or nothing approach. Instead, she focuses more on “gliding” into month after month. It is about a journey to a point down the road, not just focusing on a single day or month.

Having tried the concept of eliminating certain beverages for the first month of the year, Saldana found it wasn’t the right path for her. Instead of feeling more centered or balanced, that extreme all or nothing approach left her feeling “depressed” by February 1. The extremes had that “to-do” list tainted in a must place instead of a wanting space. The pressure of perfection seemed to outweigh that a positive spin.

At the same time, Saldana was clear that the conscious decision to chill or even to carve out that moment of self-reflection is not avoidance. When there is a little too much noise in her mind or when she just needs a moment to breath, taking a walk can help her re-center. In some ways that willingness to take the break is a choice that more people should emulate. Being strong for others can only happen when a person is strong within themselves.

As Corona Premier and Saldana unveil more “Keepin’ It Cool” moments, the scenarios are meant to be a suggestion, a reminder or even just a break themselves. While people might scroll their way through the day, the willingness to shut of the inner commentary and just be present can be that chill factor that everyone can understand.

For Saldana, she shared that there are plenty of moments where she appreciates the ability to just sit down, read a book or just slow down and take a breath. From enjoying a Corona Premier while making dinner with Yo-Yo Ma in the background or immersing herself into a great crime podcast, the reality is about understanding that chill is more than just an intangible mindset. It is a conscious decision to balance the scales.

While the world rewards the super hero who is always jumping into action, it might be time to celebrate that inner power which embraces the moment of reflection. Isn’t it time for everyone to resolve to chill a little more?

Be sure to watch more episodes of Keepin’ It Chill with Zoe Saldana from Corona. The la vida mas fina is waiting to be enjoyed.