M&M’S Album Art packs celebrate how music connects people

M&MS Album Packs, photo provided by M&MS
M&MS Album Packs, photo provided by M&MS /

From the first note of a song to a chorus that plays in your head, music can be more than just a beat that has people tapping their feet. While the phrase soundtrack of our lives might be corny, the reality is that music is tied to many people’s memories, can create a community and celebrates people’s individuality. With the new M&M’S Album Art packs, the music inspired connection showcases that bringing together various notes can make a harmonious, happy sound.

As M&M’S looks to create a more inclusive depiction of its characters and brand, the company does not lose sight on the aspects that make people special. Having particular preferences or celebrating that individuality isn’t diminished by having representatives who are more relatable.

At the same time, the brand appreciates that representation needs to be celebrated. While words are meaningful, actually seeing and hearing people who are part of a particular community is vital to creating a welcoming space. That sentiment of “belonging” is just as vital as “unity.”

What are the new M&M’S Album Art packs?

While M&M’S has always sought to bring smiles to the concept of ”funkind,” these music-inspired packs look to bring a new beat to the conversation. Reimagining iconic album art from four groundbreaking artists, the M&M’S Album Art packs are intended not only to celebrate the featured musicians but also to spark a discussion on how connections can be made across genres.

As Sarah Long, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America, said “M&M’S Album Art harnesses the power of music to connect people by helping them find their commonalities rather than focus on their differences, to inspire a deeper sense of belonging.” While the brand understands that this launch is only one step in a long journey, it does set a tone for the process.

Even though each offering stands on its own, there is a common thread. Celebrating individuality can and should strengthen the collective community.

M&MS Album Art packs
M&MS Album Art packs launch, photo provided by M&MS /

The new M&M’S Album Art packs are inspired by four artists’ albums’ cover art. They are “Kacey Musgraves’ “Golden Hour,” H.E.R.’s self-titled album “H.E.R.,” Rosalía’s “El Mal Querer” and David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane.”

Looking at the four selections, some people might instantly recognize the artists and/or the albums. Others might be unfamiliar with the selections. In some ways, this candy launch could inspire people to take a moment to discover these artists and their albums. It might not be the popular songs on that personal playlist, but there might be a connection waiting to be discovered.

For example, “El Mar Querer” blends traditional flamenco with pop elements. Although it might be considered experimental, the songs sparked a conversation across music genres. Even if listeners do not understand the words, the combination of musical influences is intriguing.

Looking at the David Bowie album, it was created at the height of his Ziggy Stardust fame. While many people might know the album cover image, the songs represent Bowie’s desire to move onto the next chapter in his music career. That new “Aladdin Sane” character was reflective in the album’s music.

Whether people pick the M&M’S Album Art packs because they know the artist, like the imagery or something else is only part of the conversation for this offering. Maybe these candy packages are a way to discover a new song or spark a conversation where it seems like there is nothing in common. If a package of candy can bring a smile to the day, it is a positive moment that everyone can celebrate.

The M&M’S Album Art packs will be available in four options, Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter and Minis. They will be sold in single, share size, sharing size and party size. Retail prices can vary.

While everyone might have a particular rhythm to their lives, sometimes that beat is even stronger when it harmonizes with others. Isn’t it time to open a M&M’S Album Arts pack and see what chord it strikes with you?