Karma Water pushes the enhanced beverage into a positive conversation

Karma Water, photo provided by Karma Water
Karma Water, photo provided by Karma Water /

Many people believe in the simple concept of what goes around comes around. While that way of thinking might sound simplistic, the willingness to share a positive thought, word or action might be one to ponder with a little more clarity. With Karma Water, the enhanced beverage takes the focus on the positive and pushes it in a new direction.

From resolutions to a more balanced lifestyle, healthy eating commitments take on many forms. While the food on the table is often the focus, the beverages that people drink need to fit into those lifestyle choices.

Although people have appreciated the need to avoid beverages with empty calories, that beverage doesn’t have to be bland, boring or ineffective. Drinking to boost both the body and mind can be more than just a lofty goal. Sometimes it is finding the right option.

Looking at the shelf, there are many beverages that tout beneficial ingredients. Vitamins, minerals and other enhancements can be added. Even though some people might prefer to drink their way to feeling good, not all beverages are the same.

How does Karma Water change the enhanced beverage conversation?

On many food products, there is that best buy date. While that stamp can cause confusion, it leads consumers to appreciate that sometimes ingredients lose their shelf life. Shouldn’t that concept apply to efficacy of enhancements added to beverages?

Karma Water has asserted that “active ingredients found in premixed vitamin drinks diminish sharply over time.” Even though that “best” date has not been exceeded, the efficacy of those vitamins might not be as powerful as the time it was bottled. But, by changing the bottling, that situation could be averted.

With Karma Water, the brand believes that a simple push can ensure that its beverage “delivers peak potency” of its added ingredients. According to the brand. “the probiotics, adaptogens and nutrients in a patented, protective Push Cap.”

When ready, the person drinking the beverage pushes the cap, releases the ingredients, and shakes. By doing so, dilution is lessened. This method is used across all its beverage lines.

While the innovative packaging changes the enhanced beverage conversation, the flavors need to deliver a taste that people want. The four beverages in its wellness water line look to stand out on the shelf. Each bottle combines two flavors, but these are more than the traditional lemon line. Options like elderberry starfruit or passion fruit green tea add a little extra excitement to each sip.

Since the brand is rooted in the concept of positivity going, the brand is continuing its partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Through the partnership, there will be opportunities to engage with the local community but also to encourage others to spread a positivity through mentorship.

For those ready to push the beverage conversation in a new light, Karma Beverage could be the sip that shakes up that discussion.