Little Debbie Snack Cake Ice Cream has everyone cheering for more

Little Debbie Snack Cake Ice Cream photo provided by Hudsonville Ice Cream
Little Debbie Snack Cake Ice Cream photo provided by Hudsonville Ice Cream /

While ice cream always brings smiles to the table, the new Little Debbie Snack Cake Ice Cream could have that inner child screaming for more, more, more. Capturing the flavors of seven of the iconic Little Debbie treats, it might be time to make room in the freezer. It might not be right for the lunch box, but it is the sweetest way to end a meal.

Hudsonville Ice Cream partnered with Little Debbie to offer seven flavors of ice cream, inspired by some of the most iconic Little Debbie treats. While some people might have created their own version of a snack cake and ice cream combination, this option is far more convenient.

There is something about Little Debbie that makes people crave that flavor. Maybe it was the special treat that mom snuck into the lunch box when she knew there was going to be a big test. Maybe it is a season flavor that makes any holiday complete. No matter the reason, those sentiments are another way of showing that food and memories are forever connection.

Little Debbie has transformed those iconic flavors into other food options previously. The various cereals inspired by the snack cakes have been huge hits.

The new Hudsonville Ice Cream Little Debbie Snack Cake Ice Cream features the following flavors: Oatmeal Crème Pies, Cosmic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, Honey Buns, Strawberry Shortcake Rolls Swiss Rolls, and Nutty Bars. While many people will pick a pint based on their favorite snack, a few options might need to be the first scoop.

For example, the Honey Buns with the honey bun flavored ice cream and mix-ins might make a case for ice cream for breakfast. It might be the same calorie count as the blended coffee.

Or, the Oatmeal Crème Pies could be a new take on a cookies and cream frozen dessert. The combination of oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream is a classic. Plus, the soft oatmeal cookies are quite satisfying.

Lastly, the Nutty Bars will be a huge hit. From the fudge swirl to the waffle cone pieces, those flavors make the peanut butter ice cream pop.

The new Little Debbie Snack Cake Ice Cream will be available at Walmart starting on February 1. Each pint has a suggested retail price of $2.50.