New Bacon Beast menu is a reason to head to Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s

New Bacon Beast menu photo provided by Carl's Jr
New Bacon Beast menu photo provided by Carl's Jr /

For those foodies who live by the mantra that everything is better with bacon, the new Bacon Beast menu have everyone eating more bacon at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which new menu item will you try first?

Quick service restaurants are always looking to entice customers to make another visit. While those favorite menu orders will always be available, new, limited time offers can be that flavorful spark that people crave.

Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s have never shied away from big, bold flavors. Even though there are various menu hacks, like the lettuce wrap, that can offer a balanced bite, the reality is that some of their food choices are about the splurge, or the indulgence.

What food is on the new Bacon Beast menu?

According to the quick service restaurants, the Bacon Beast menu consists of the Bacon Beast, Bacon Beast Burrito and Bacon Beast Biscuit. Yes, it is all about the bacon.

The Bacon Beast is definitely a hearty bite. Available as a single, double or triple, this burger is piled high. With all the condiments, including the special sauce, the four strips of bacon ensure that every bite has bacon goodness.

For people who want to start the day with more bacon, the Bacon Beast Burrito or the Bacon Beast Biscuit is a great choice. The burrito offers the perfect combination of bacon, Hash Rounds, eggs and cheese. While it comes with picante, you might not want to cover up all that flavor.

Since Hardee’s is known for its biscuits, the Bacon Beast Biscuit is a must try. While it is a classic breakfast biscuit, it has the right combination of flavors and textures. It might not be grandma’s breakfast, but it is a tasty alternative.

The Bacon Beast menu is available at participating locations. The food items are available as individual order or via a combo.