Emma Lovewell shares how a path to balanced eating is within reach, interview

Emma Lovewell for Kite Hill, photo provided by Kite Hill
Emma Lovewell for Kite Hill, photo provided by Kite Hill /

Whether you have crushed your core or rode to an energetic playlist, Emma Lovewell has kept the Peloton community energized with her classes. With a philosophy of progress, not perfection, that concept applies beyond being active. Through her partnership with Kite Hill, Lovewell opens the door to “Gateway to Good” and explains that one step forward can make just as big an impact as that huge leap into the unknown.

Recently, Lovewell spoke to FoodSided about her Kite Hill partnership and shared some attainable advice as people resolve to modify their eating habits. Since Lovewell has long supported the concepts of finding balance and harmony in all her choices, she is a strong believer that the cumulative impact of all life’s elements need to be taken into consideration.

Specifically, Lovewell focused on two ideas that have helped her. First, she encouraged people “to not beat yourself up.” While those words are clear, it is the responses that people need to gauge within themselves.

She continued to explain that it is not about missing that workout or eating that cookie. What happened in one moment cannot totally derail a balanced lifestyle. As Lovewell put it, “We can’t be ourselves up for it because then we are never willing to try.”

Again, it goes back to the all encompassing mantra of progress, not perfection. Putting yourself into the experience can reap rewards but isn’t always butterflies and rainbows. Appreciating the highs can only come when experiencing the lows.

In addition, Lovewell wants people to change the mindset when it comes to healthy eating. Instead of the cutting out or eliminating food descriptors, she focuses on abundance. For her, “it’s not about eliminating things, it is about adding them.” That mindset shift has made a huge change for her.

Lovewell described a simple scenario. When someone only thinks about how they cannot have that slice of pizza, then pizza is an uncontrollable craving. So, instead of putting the negative connotation into the mindset, it is about flipping the script. Statements like “I want to eat more vegetables” or “lets add more plant-based food into the weekly recipes.” can be more easily achieved that potentially longer sustained.

Through the Kite Hil “Gateway to Good” partnership, Emma Lovewell is showcasing some recipes and encouraging others to share how they add more plant based food into their routine.

For Lovewell, she tends to start the day with a smoothie. It is a recipe that allows her to have a variety of ingredients. From yogurt to fruit to kale, it is a nutrient dense option.

But, Lovewell is aware that she needs to respond to how her body feels. As a fitness instructor, food is both fuel and a great tasting meal. From not wanting to overeat before a class to ensuring that she sustains her energy, making the right food choices for her lifestyle is key.

In addition, she doesn’t want her food choice to become stale. Similar to the Peloton community that has an “All for One” mantra, having a support system is key. Even though this Kite Hill partnership, that sense of community is key. From the neighbor down the street to an online connection, a great food find or recipe is waiting to be discovered. And, if that dish is served with an encouraging word, it is an even bigger benefit.

And, what about that concept of progress not perfection concept that seasons much of this conversation. Lovewell admitted that the person who seeks perfection might feel disappointment. From her perspective, the ultimate perfectionist is never truly going to be satisfied with attaining that one goal because there will be a new goal on the horizon.

Just like Lovewell encourages people to change the mindset on food choices by adding not subtracting to the ingredient bounty, it is the journey not the finish line that should be the focus. And, with a strong community joining in that experience, there will be plenty words of encouragement along the way.

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Be sure to check out Kite Hill and Emma Lovewell on social media for some tasty recipes as well as some words of encouragement.

Kite Hill has a variety of plant based foods across its brand. Emma Lovewell is a Peloton instructor who teaches a variety of classes including cycling, core and dance cardio.

How are you changing the script on healthy eating? Do you agree that positive descriptors can have a more impactful change?