Claire Holt spreads her love of Nutella to her family, interview

Claire Holt for National Nutella Day, photo provided by Nutella
Claire Holt for National Nutella Day, photo provided by Nutella /

Whether it is National Nutella Day or any day, a jar of that beloved chocolate hazelnut spread makes Claire Holt and her family smile. Recently, Holt spoke to FoodSided about her partnership with Nutella, the importance of life balance, and how one of her infamous characters might enjoy the spread.

Claire Holt is well known to many fans of The Vampire Dairies, Pretty Little Liars and more. Beyond those iconic roles, Holt is dedicated mother of two and a successful business woman. While she doesn’t often partner with brands, she did not want to pass up this Nutella opportunity. As she said, the partnership, “spoke to my soul.”

Although she grew in up in Australia, Nutella, not vegemite, was a constant in her family. She shared that her mother had a sweet tooth and the chocolate hazelnut spread was always around. Ever since she was a kid, she thought that Nutella was “the most delicious thing on the planet.”

As part of this partnership, Holt explored the Nutella Café in Chicago. While the frigid Chicago temperatures were a bit much, the restaurant offered a delicious diversion. From the moment she entered, Holt was welcomed into a warm, cozy space filled with a bounty of sweet offerings. As Holt shared, that Nutella-centric menu has so many treats that it is hard to pick a favorite.

Since World Nutella Day is approaching. Holt created a tasty pancake recipe that is perfect for the whole family. Made with almond flour, there is a simplicity, but that Nutella flavor comes through in every bite.

Creating that recipe got her culinary juices flowing. Holt believes that Nutella goes with almost anything and it can inspire families to get a little creative in the kitchen. From piling a few extra pieces of fruit on those pancakes to maybe a super easy dessert for family dinner, the options are many.

In some ways, Nutella is that pantry staple that adds the flavor to balanced eating. Holt mentioned that she has been eating the chocolate hazelnut spread a little more frequently recently. And, having that little touch of indulgence is a good thing.

As Holt shared that she feels most at peace when she tries to find the balance in her day. Instead of trying to over deliver and feel the pressure of perfection, that sense of moderation influences her choices. Whether it is a food, special occasion or just a moment in the day, thoughtfulness takes precedence.

Holt believes that “being present, relishing in the experience” is most important to her. From time with her family to self-care, being in the moment is more important that focusing on the “shoulds.”

For her, it isn’t about the strictness of the rules, rather she lets her conscience guide her choices. As seen in her recent career decisions, that concept is clear. The business endeavors have to connect with her personally. For her, it comes down to being true to herself.

And, since everyone is celebrating the deliciousness that is Nutella, a conversation with Holt would not be complete without asking about one of her iconic characters. So, how would Rebekah Mikaelson enjoy some Nutella. Holt thinks that it would reflect Rebekah’s decadent side. Maybe an over the top, gold encrusted sundae with a cup of blood on the side.

While that dish might not be everyone’s way of celebrating National Nutella Day it shows that there are a plethora of recipes to enjoy the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread. Don’t let the day pass without spreading a little on something.