Bring the love and crunch to a Galentine’s Day charcuterie board

Galentine’s Day charcuterie board from Wasa, photo provided by Wasa
Galentine’s Day charcuterie board from Wasa, photo provided by Wasa /

Just because the Hallmark Channel might make it seem that everyone has that happily ever after moment, sometimes the most important people who make life fuller are good friends. With this Galentine’s Day charcuterie board, a great friendship can be toasted with a satisfying crunch.

What might have started as a line in a television show has sparked a huge trend. Over the past several years, that February 13 celebration of gals and pals garners just as much attention as that other romantic day.

This year, in honor of all those friends who are there through thick and thin, Wasa crispbreads partnered with Marissa Mullen, better known as That Cheese Plate and author of Cheese by Numbers method, to create the perfect Galentine’s Day charcuterie board.

Lori Schwartz, Brand Manager at Wasa, said “Charcuterie boards are a popular way to celebrate Galentine’s Day, so when we saw the holiday skyrocketing in popularity, we knew it was a conversation we belonged in – and that Marissa was a natural partner to bring the idea to life.”

With a few simple ingredients, anyone can make a stunning looking and a great tasting celebratory treat. Creating a great charcuterie board can really be broken down into groups. The cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits/nuts and a spread. While some people might prefer to add a few other ingredients or take a few away, that customization is what makes boards so appealing and never boring.

While Mullen has her perfected technique, that guidance can lead anyone to making a great board. From placing the cheese to adding the meat to defining the space with cracker and filling the gaps with fruits and nuts, the abundance is quite enticing.

Although everyone might have a preferred cheese or even a favorite cured meat, one aspect that isn’t often discussed is the cracker. Even if people graze throughout the evening, that crunch makes all the other food just taste better. But, no one wants either a bland cracker or one that crumbles in your hand.

Wasa, the Swedish crispbread, brings that crunch. With a heartier texture than a typical cracker, Wasa allows the cheese, meat and condiments to pile high. Instead of just a nibble, it is a heartier bite.

As Schwartz said, ““Wasa crispbreads are the perfect base for charcuterie boards because their signature, flavorful crunch stands up to any and all toppings, and they are larger than a typical cracker so you can pack a lot of flavor into each bite with as many toppings and combinations as you like.”

Since more and more people are celebrating Galentine’s Day, Wasa is giving away the ultimate Galentine’s Day charcuterie Board. Starting on February 7 at 8 a.m. ET, the specially curated charcuterie kit will be available The special Galentine’s Day kit contains everything that anyone needs to make that perfect board.

From gals to pals to everyone in between, share a little love this season. A great charcuterie board can be the centerpiece for a flavorful event.