Target wraps up the best last minute Valentine’s Day gifts

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With only a few more days till the romantic peak, Target has plenty of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that will definitely have everyone feeling the love. From little gifts to grand gestures, everyone will be showered in Valentine’s Day treats.

Although some people might go overboard with presents, Target keeps the Valentine’s Day gifts relatively simple. From candy and cards to baking and décor, it is more about the thoughtfulness in the gift than just emptying the wallet.

Many of the popular Valentine’s Day candies have filled the shelves. From those classic Reees’s hearts to M&M’S, everyone’s favorite candy is on display. This year, why not make a candygram that expresses a special message. Consider using the various candies to create a poem, hiaku or maybe a sonnet. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, but it does show that there was some effort in making that gift.

Another idea could be to create the perfect romantic evening at home. From setting the scene with some candles to comfy blankets on the couch, it be just the beginning for the moment of togetherness.

Then, consider getting a few special Valentine’s Day hot cocoa bombs, like Favorite Day Raspberry Chocolate Heart Hot Cocoa Bomb. This cocoa bomb looks like a heart shaped jewel and you might want to admire it before melting it into the cup. But, there is a little extra surprise revealed before that first sip.

And, since a great hot chocolate is best enjoyed with cookie, Favorite Day has a variety of tasty cookies that are delicious with that beverage. For example, the red velvet shortbread cookies are perfection. While red velvet seems to be the flavor of Valentine’s Day, these heart-shaped cookies are the perfect size to have a couple, yet not feel over-indulgent.

If family time overtakes that romantic evening, don’t fret because Favorite Day has a delightful cookie house kit that everyone can enjoy making. Even those who haven’t perfected the gingerbread house can create a pretty pink house. While the kids might not be singing a John Mellencamp song, parents will appreciate a fun activity that has an edible clean-up.

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From heart shaped cookies to chocolates, there are a plethora of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts lining the shelves at Target. But, who will be lucky enough to be your Valentine?