Universal Orlando Mardi Gras 2022 food is out of this world

Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Food, photo by Cristine Struble
Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Food, photo by Cristine Struble /

The good times are rolling again with the Universal Orlando Mardi Gras 2022 food. While the classic jazz music has everyone’s feet tapping to the beat, all that dancing can work up both a hunger and a thirst. Luckily, the Universal Orlando chefs created a robust menu that has satisfies every craving. From traditional New Orleans fare to some globally inspired dishes, there are plenty of reasons to visit and visit again to enjoy each and every menu item.

Running now through April 24, the seasonal event at Universal Studios says that it is louder, wilder and spicier. When looking at the diverse food selections, those adjectives describe a myriad of the dishes. While some people might expect the bold flavors in the New Orleans creole inspired options, it is the other dishes that capture that sentiment even more.

Looking at the traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras fare, many classics have returned to the menu. From King Cake to Beignets, the sweet treats are always extremely popular. For those who prefer savory choices, the muffuletta sandwich and po boys bring a taste of the Big Easy.

universal orlando mardi gras 2022 food
Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Food, photo by Cristine Struble /

More importantly, the seafood bowls have returned. Whether you can’t get enough of those mud bugs (crawfish) or just prefer the shrimp, a taste of New Orleans is not complete without enjoying a bowl. And, accept that you will get a little messy. Great food requires extra napkins.

Universal Orlando Mardi Gras 2022 food goes on a flavor trip

Since Mardi Gras is celebrated throughout the world, the Universal Orlando chefs are encouraging guests to travel near and far with some menu choices. With each marketplace taking inspiration from the Universal Orlando Parade float themes, some might call this taste of Planet Mardi Gras sublime.

A couple themes carried through the Universal Orlando Mardi Gras menu. Color is definitely a theme. From ube ice cream to a rainbow of vegetables, the vibrancy on the plate entices. More importantly, those rainbow colors are a celebration of flavors. From bold to subtle, it is a journey that many people will appreciate.

The second theme is a celebration of global flavors. The Universal Orlando chefs have found a way to make global flavors approachable. According to Chef Glus, the culinary team was keen on creating a curry that has the layers of flavors that people want yet not overwhelm the palate. The flavor is just enough to push guests yet not go too far to the extreme.

That concept is clear with its Shrimp Laksa, located at the Southeast Asia: Volcano Planet marketplace. The shrimp and noodles in a coconut curry broth is nuanced. There is a lingering heat that has everyone longing for another slurp.

From a taste of India with the Vegetable Vindaloo to the Beef Rissole from Brazil, the menu celebrates the diversity of flavors. Even the simply Johnny Cake is a celebration of spicy, sweet and savory. While there are common threads between all the dishes, it is fun to travel from the front to the back of the park creating the ultimate tasting menu.

While Chef Glus did not create specific food and beverage pairings for the event, care was taken to ensure that the beverages compliment, not compete with, the Mardi Gras menu. From a wide selection of beers to some colorful cocktails, there is a sensational sip to enjoy with all the food options.

Lastly, the Universal Orlando Mardi Gras 2022 food captures the enthusiasm that the chefs have for creating a cohesive theme that captures the spirit of this year’s event. With all the activitations returning this year, the food encourages everyone to have fun. Whether it is stepping outside of the comfort zone with a new menu choice or enjoying that classic King Cake, there is a sense that everyone is hungry to let the good times roll. And, the Universal Orlando chefs have a plate waiting to be enjoyed.

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Universal Orlando Mardi Gras 2022 runs now through April 24 and is included with theme park admission. The various marketplaces are located within Universal Studios, prices and menus are subject to change. Additional Mardi Gras themed food is available at select locations in City Walk and at Universal Orlando resort properties.