7-Eleven scores with the ultimate big game pizza deal

(Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

It is said over and over again, oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven and this ultimate big game pizza deal is a huge winner. While there might not be a trophy for a food deal, this special offer could have everyone feeling like a champion.

According to the brand, the big game pizza deal is available only on Sunday, February 13. To receive a free large pizza, customers must order via the 7NOW delivery app. The free pizza can be a cheese, pepperoni or even that 7-Meat option. And, since it is delivery, no one will miss a minute of the game or commercials.

Raj Kapoor, 7-Eleven senior vice president of fresh food and proprietary beverages said, “Watching the biggest football game of the year with friends and family has transformed into one of the biggest pizza delivery days of the year. While other brands offer customers discounts on their pizza, 7-Eleven is taking it one step further by rewarding customers with a free pizza.”

For anyone who is running out to get that always forgotten bag of ice, there is an in-store special too. At participating 7-Eleven stores, $3 gets “3 slices of pizza, taquitos, or buffalo chicken rollers.”

This special food deal could be the perfect time to try the new Spicy Garlic Chicken Roller. While spice and chicken seem to have taken over menus everywhere, this food combines savory garlic with bold spices. While the cheese might tame the flame a little, that combination of garlic and spice is quite tasty. But, you might want to grab some mints or gum to enjoy after eating one.

The big game pizza deal is another example how 7-Eleven is keen to give customers great value and service. As seen with the 7NOW Gold Pass subscription delivery service, there is an incentive to order and order often. Priced at $5.95 a month, it adds even more convenience to the iconic convenience store.

This type of forward thinking shows that 7-Eleven is looking to push the conversation beyond just the grab and go options while on the road. While the iconic Slurpee is always refreshing, people’s cravings are not tied to being behind the wheel. From the forgotten gallon of milk to stocking the cooler for the big game watching party, there is always a reason to place that order.