Stella Artois encourages people to savor the Super Bowl moment

Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Stella Artois
Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Stella Artois /

Super Bowl commercials often fall in different categories, sometimes a touch silly, maybe some celebrities in unusual situations and occasionally heartfelt. In the Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial, there are all three elements, and everyone can’t help but smile.

While some people create an overflowing food spread for the big game, others prefer to gather with friends at the favorite restaurant or bar. Although everyone at the table can cheer and watch every moment on the screen, the restaurant staff is busy keeping beer flowing, tables filled and everyone happy. Similar to holidays and other special occasions, the restaurant industry serves, while others enjoy.

This year, Stella Artois has joined forces with some famous former football players to let some hard working restaurants workers savior the Super Bowl moment. This Super Bowl commercial should make people smile.

While the Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial shows Eli Manning, Ryan Clark and Dan Marino stepping behind the bar, the scenario engages. As Manning said, “When Stella Artois came to me with the idea, I was game to step in. I’m excited, and a little scared, to fill in for Meg on Sunday and can’t wait to hear about her experience getting to savor Super Bowl LVI with a loved one.”

Although Manning might need a little practice in filling that chalice perfectly, the commercial’s sentiment is clear. Finding that time to savor the moment is vital for everyone. Whether it is helping someone step away from behind the bar, a special thank you or a guest adding a little extra to the check, all those little moments add up.

Even if there might not be someone famous pouring a draft for the big game, that perfectly poured draught deserves a moment of gratitude. This Super Bowl Sunday consider taking a moment to thank the service staff who are helping to make the experience a memorable one.