King’s Hawaiian puts love on a plate with its Sandwich Grams

King's Hawaiian Sandwich grams, photo provided by King's Hawaiian
King's Hawaiian Sandwich grams, photo provided by King's Hawaiian /

For many people, food is a way to express a feeling that can’t be said through words. Whether it is recreating a family recipe or finding an extravagant dish that wows a special someone, the food on the plate is more than just curbing a hunger. With the King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Grams sending that heartfelt message might be the best thing since sliced bread.

Many people cannot resist that King’s Hawaiian bread. From the bread for sliders to bringing a touch of sweetness to a classic grilled cheese, the brand’s versatility is great. Whether it is a famous chef like Guy Fieri to the aspiring cook, that bread is the starting point for a bite of deliciousness.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, King’s Hawaiian has partnered with Goldbelly to bring of the nation’s best sandwiches directly to everyone’s door. From bread to subs, these sandwiches are as much about the bread as they are the layers of flavors sandwiched between it.

The special limited edition Sandwich Grams are a tasty way to send the love. As Chad Donvito, President at King’s Hawaiian, said “Everything’s better between King’s Hawaiian bread – even Valentine’s Day gifts – and these limited-edition shareable sandwiches are making the sweetest holiday even sweeter.”

The three sandwiches are Cupid & The King from Alidoro in New York City, Be’Wiched By You from Portland’s Bunk Sandwiches, and Love at First Bite from Factor’s Famous Deli. Each sandwich is unique but there’s a lot of flavor in each bite.

For example, the Love at First Bite is hearty yet totally satisfying. The variety of meats with the pungent Swiss cheese is balanced with the brightness from the famous Debbie’s Chopped Salad. That punch of ranch with the cool cucumber contrasts the sweetness of the Hawaiian bread. Add a touch of crunch and it might create a sandwich love affair to last a lifetime.

The other two sandwiches are equally as tasty. From the spicy and sweet of the Cupid & The King to the taste of New Orleans in Be’Wiched By You, there is plenty of love on the plate. And, for anyone who wants a little extra on that sandwich, the bread can be stenciled with a special message.

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The Sandwich Grams are available now through February 28, 2022. The sandwiches can be purchased via Goldbelly and at the respective restaurants.

What would your Sandwich Grams say? Who would you send one of these sandwiches to?