How to indulge in sugar-free desserts for Valentine’s Day

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Sugar-free desserts are not something we imagine for Valentine’s Day. After all, the day of love is all about indulging in decadent desserts other sugary food. Sinful, but so delectable, sugar makes our taste buds feel great, and also warms the heart a little, doesn’t it? I, for one, would agree.

Most sweet things that we love – chocolates, candies, cupcakes, and other confectionaries can contain refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and additives, which some health experts believe can be a less than perfect choice. But, there are other options available then another spoonful of just sugar.

Buy 100%dark chocolates for Sugar-free desserts
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So, how do we incorporate sugar-free desserts in our Valentine’s Day food rituals? There are no set rules or a standard formula that you can follow when you are thinking of sugar-free food in your celebrations. But here’s what I have figured that might be helpful –

Start with buying smart. Checking the ingredient label is something I was taught at a very young age by my father. Knowing what you put in your mouth is the first thing to taking care of yourself. With a lot of run-of-the-mills brands, even a simple mention of “sugar-free” is not enough. Check what sweetener they use, and in what quantity.

Sugar-free dessert options –

Replace dessert platter with fruit platter

Fruits as sugar-free desserts
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This is a great season to make the most of delicious and juicy berries, orange, grapefruit, kiwis, apples, pomegranates, and more. You can make a hearty mix of your favorite fruits, toss in some nuts or plate them creatively. The pretty colors of the platter are sure to appeal to your date. You can also buy edible fruit arrangements as a gift, instead of chocolate bouquets.

Use natural sweeteners in your desserts

If you are making desserts at home, you can easily replace the refined sugar with other sugar substitutes like Stevia, for one. I have found Stevia to be a little off-putting at first, but adding some natural flavoring helps. You can add vanilla, cinnamon, or citrus to enhance the flavor of the dessert when using Stevia. You can also use honey to sweeten your cake or cookies. It would just require slightly different prepping, but it adds a great flavor to the dish.

Try date truffles instead of regular chocolate truffles and pralines

Dates as sweeteners for sugar-free desserts
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A box of chocolate truffles is the perfect partner for your Valentine’s Day wines. But you can easily replace that with date-based confections. Dates are sweet and chewy, with an almost truffle-like texture. And some dishes use them as substitute for sugar! You can make them at home or order from specific stores/confectioners specializing in date-based confections.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t have to be about all about suagr-rich foods. Replacing your regular desserts with sugar-free desserts wouldn’t change the moments you share with your beau. In fact, it’ll be a refreshing experience!