Pucker up: Best non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candies

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While heart-shaped boxes filled with truffles line the shelf, sweetness isn’t limited to just one type of treat. Non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candies will have your special someone ready to pucker up to all the deliciousness.

For many people, Valentine’s Day is all about the sweetness. From candy to dessert, the love language for the celebration is all about the sweet. While some people might swoon over the lusciousness of chocolate, others would prefer fruit forward, sour or another big punch of flavor.

Since the sour candy trend has never waned, the Sour Punch Hearts are a top choice. In addition to the seasonal shape, the combination of the watermelon, strawberry lemonade and fruit punch is the trifecta of deliciousness. While the sour is there, the underlying sweetness is too far away.

Thinking about this candy, the Sour Punch Hearts can be a fun décor on cookies, too. Why not take a simple sugar cookie and add a few Sour Punch Hearts on top. That combination of flavors could have some people floating on cloud nine.

For another option, consider going bold with those non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candies fruity flavors. The Torie and Howard assorted Chewie Fruities bring bright flavors to bite sized candies. Each bag has assorted flavors, including sour berry, sour apple, sour cherry, blood orange and honey, Meyer lemon and raspberry and pomegranate and nectarine.

Of course, everyone has their favorite flavor in the bag, but the Meyer lemon and raspberry could be the new lemonade combination that a beverage brand needs to explore. It is the perfect blend of sweet and tart.

And Torie and Howard is committed to being socially conscious, eco-friendly and health friendly. Since balanced eating is always a good choice, these candies never come with a negative food connotation.

Jelly Belly always delivers a little fun in their seasonal mix. Whether it is their Valentine’s Day mix, a take on some bubbly beverages or even a favorite dessert, there are plenty of options to choose. Just consider staying away from the Bean Boozled. The love-filled holiday might not be the best time for some food trickery.

Also, consider giving some Tic Tac. Given that shaking the container can offer a little beat, like the beat of your heart, it could be a fun twist. And, the Tic Tac Big Berry Adventure is perfect for the season.

Lastly, why not put a ring on it this Valentine’s Day. The iconic Ring Pop is always a fun treat for the holiday. Even if the commitment might be short lived, everyone loves that touch of sweet whimsy.

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What is your favorite non-chocolate Valentine’s Day candies? Is the holiday celebration incomplete without candy?