Gourmet chocolates are the sophisticated Valentine’s Day gift

Goddess of Love Collection, photo Delysia Chocolates
Goddess of Love Collection, photo Delysia Chocolates /

While kids might love those conversation hearts, gourmet chocolates will have your beloved swooning after that first bite. If flavor drives that sophisticated Valentine’s Day gift purchase, think beyond the grocery aisle and unwrap deliciousness in a single bite.

When thinking about a recipe, many people can appreciate that great ingredients, dedication to craft, and attention to detail can create a perfect bite. Although the plate offers space to build that deliciousness, a chocolatier has a treat that fits in the palm of your hand. Each and every decision is carefully pondered. But, when that first flavor is revealed, it is a moment to celebrate.

From local chocolatiers to well-known names, gourmet chocolates deserve a moment to celebrate. While they make a tasty Valentine’s Day gift, February isn’t the only time to enjoy the deliciousness. It could be that treat to savor and make any day a little more special.

Time to discover these gourmet chocolates.

Ethel M Chocolates

While the bright lights of Las Vegas might be tempting, Ethel M Chocolates are the sweetest prize to discover. The carefully crafted gourmet chocolates put the focus on “a precise blend of love, art and science.” Although the bite might be petite, the flavor is immense.

From Valentine’s Day to anytime, the Ethel M Chocolates are a symphony of flavors. While the carefully designed chocolates paint an artistic picture, it is the flavor nuances that intrigue people. Whether discovered on your own or enjoyed via a virtual tasting, these chocolates are the ultimate splurge.

For Valentine’s Day, there are a wide array of options. But, for anyone who would like an adult treat, do not miss the Remy Martin XO Cognac Truffles. The touch of salt with the dark chocolate ganache is perfection. Or, for a more traditional option, consider one of a taste of the love collection.

Delysia Chocolatier

The Austin based chocolatier has always pushed the flavor boundaries. The perfectly crafted squares that have been delicately painted are almost too pretty to eat.

This year the brand was inspired by the Aphrodite and its Goddess of Love collection was a celebration of love and beauty. Incorporating flavors of fig, pomegranate and strawberry in the various truffles, the nod to romance is clear. It might be best to savor one slowly and allow the luscious flavor to entice you.

Don Papa + Romeo Chocolates Heritage Collection

While many people appreciate a sipper of Don Papa rum after a delicious meal, this special collaboration combines that libation with impeccable chocolate. The Filipino-inspired flavors include “Calamansi Mojito, Filipinx Barako Mocha, Daiquiri Dark Chocolate, and the Signature Don Papa Rum Truffle.” The luscious ganache is infused with the Don Papa Rum. It might be time to put down the glass and pick up the chocolate.

Compartes Chocolate and Silk & Spice

Wine and chocolate are always a classic combination. This offering from Compartes and Silk & Spice embraces culinary exploration. The Portuguese wine makes for a lovely pairing with exquisite Compartes Chocolate. Whether they are enjoyed with a glass of wine or on their own, this flavor journey is waiting to be taken.

See’s Candies

With 100 years of experience, See’s Candies has always been a Valentine’s Day gift tradition. From a box of truffles to a creamy caramel, those iconic Mary See’s recipes have stood the test of time.


Who hasn’t longed to untie the red ribbon on that golden box? The classic Godiva chocolate is always a delicious choice. One bite might bring the courage to express that devotion like the brand’s namesake.

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These gourmet chocolates are just a few of the many offerings that would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Whether it is a gift to yourself or an expression of love, chocolate just might be the perfect food.