See’s Candies Valentine’s Day gifts are a scrumptious expression of love

See's Candies Valentine's Day, photo provided by See's Candies
See's Candies Valentine's Day, photo provided by See's Candies /

Sweet treats are always on the February 14 menu and See’s Candies Valentine’s Day gifts fulfill the heart’s tastiest desires. While some people might have the perfect words to express their feelings, others prefer to let food do the talking. Luckily, See’s Candies knows how to express all the love and devotion through chocolate.

While See’s Candies has been delighting people with these classic recipes for over 100 years, some might say that the love affair with a great candy never dies. Whether it was the first heart received on Valentine’s Day or a special treat that grandma always brought to the celebration, food is often attached to a memory. Although each subsequent year might not be exactly the same, the sentiment that touches the heart runs deep.

As people start to plan their Valentine’s Day gifts, candy is often a top choice. Somehow that sweet treat can convey a sentiment that words cannot. Even if I love you is spoken every day, there is something more touching when it is shared with confections.

Which See’s Candies Valentine’s Day gifts are on the must buy list?

While See’s Candies has a wide array of Valentine’s Day gifts, a few items jumped out as top choices. Beyond the heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates, a few themed items seemed to capture the mood of the holiday.

For example, Owl You Need Is Love Box might be the wisest decision in the bunch. Featuring an array of lollipops, chocolates and candy, the variety ensures that there is no food boredom. From a sweet treat one day to lingering with a lollipop another, this gift box will have many people hooting its praises.

If a more rich dessert would be a way to share the love, the Milk Bordeaux Heart is a must. Instead of baking or heading to the bakery for a Valentine’s Day dessert, serve this heart on a plate. The luscious chocolate served with a glass of port could be the perfect end to a romantic evening.

Lastly, the box of Milk Raspberry Heart Truffles or any of the 6-pack holiday truffles are a great idea. Consider using the box to create a heartfelt dessert display. For anyone who cannot get enough of the board trend, these truffles could be the centerpiece.

And, while true love will last forever, don’t wait too long to purchase these See’s Candies Valentine’s Day gifts. No one wants to come to the table empty handed.