MTN DEW and Ruffles take over The Block for NBA All-Star Game

MTN DEW and Ruffles for NBA All-Star Game, photo provided by MTN Dew/Ruffles
MTN DEW and Ruffles for NBA All-Star Game, photo provided by MTN Dew/Ruffles /

As the best of the best of the NBA take to the court, two beverage and snack superstars are taking over “The Block.” While few people might be able to make those epic moves on the court, they can sip and crunch their way to their own memorable NBA All-Star Game.

This year’s NBA All-Star Game is heading to Cleveland. From February 18 through the 20, the multi-day event is full of excitement. From favorite NBA players to celebrities, the whole event going to be star-studded.

One of the big events of the celebration is the MTN DEW 3-Point Contest. While the slam dunk contest does get big wows, the ability to hit the outside shot can be the big moment of the night. When it comes to the 3-Point Contest, the big cheers come from the skill of hitting shot after shot. As the rack empties, the excitement grows. Sometimes that swish is even more exciting than the dunk showmanship.

While many people will enjoy the onsite excitement, even more people can join the fun virtually. Through a live stream event, everyone can feel as if they are part of the action. Bringing together the biggest basketball fans and gamers, the live stream will be as memorable as the in-person game.

As many sporting events have shown, that virtual connection is essential for the success of the event. Even the recent Super Bowl Halftime show has a virtual connection aspect. With more and more people watching events on devices, that connection makes the event even more memorable and even a touch customizable.

From the action on the court to the special events, there are even a few surprises to be had. A Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum artist will be taking the stage at The Block. Although a few people are making their best guess. It is an event that cannot be missed.

And don’t miss the MTN Dew 3-Point Contest, with the ultimate deep shot, The DEW Zone, on Saturday, February 19 at 7 p.m. EST. The event will air on TNT.

What are you looking forward to see at The Block NBA All-Star Game? Will you be watching the action on multiple screens?