Rat in the Kitchen brings Ludo Lefebvre back to a culinary competition

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(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images) /

While Ratatouille might be a sweet depiction of a rodent running amuck in the kitchen, Rat in the Kitchen, with Chef Ludo Lefebvre and hosted by Natasha Leggero, might not be quite as sweet. Although a little laughter in the kitchen can be a good thing, there might be a few unexpected twists that will have everyone questioning those cooking skills. Could this new food television show be a new twist on the culinary competition genre?

According to a recent announcement, TBS will premiere “Rat in the Kitchen,” on March 31. The newest culinary competition looks to be different from the pressure of Next Level Chef or the culinary creativity in Chopped. In some ways, the new food television show could be a savory twist to Crime Scene Kitchen.

TBS describes the new food television show as “comedic cooking whodunnit.” As both professional chefs and home cooks whip up their dishes to impress Chef Ludo Lefebvre, there is a little extra in the kitchen. One of the participants is trying to sabotage those dishes. The key is to “uncover” the rat.

Check out this clip of Rat in the Kitchen.

Thinking of this new food television show, the concept is unique. Given the multitude of celebrity chef driven culinary competitions, there should be some credit for an original idea. Even if there is a little nod Crime Scene Kitchen with solving the clues, the show is remarkably different.

Although these dishes should not go to the bad extreme like Worst Cooks in America, there will be some bad moments. Seeing Chef Ludo having to endure that tasting experience could make for must watch television.

While Chef Ludo has been a judge on some food television programs, some might remember his time on The Taste culinary competition. He really pushed those chefs to make that perfect single bite. Plus, putting the French chef into this culinary catastrophe should bring an extra seasoning of humor.

While TBS might not be the biggest name in food television, Rat in the Kitchen isn’t just a cooking show. The humor makes it appeal to a wider audience. Then again, the success of all those Gordon Ramsay cooking shows could have many networks looking to add some of these shows to the menu.

For now, mark the calendar for March 31, 2022 and the premiere of Rat in Kitchen. Will you be able to solve the clues and reveal the saboteur?