Church’s Chicken adds an iconic Southern dessert to the menu

Church's new menu items, photo provided by Church's
Church's new menu items, photo provided by Church's /

When a quick service restaurant adds a new menu item, many people make a point to get that first taste. At Church’s Chicken, the popular restaurant is not only adding an iconic Southern dessert to the menu but also bringing back two favorite menu items. It sounds like dinner plans have been made.

Finding a way to stand out in the crowded quick service restaurant space can be difficult. As Claudia Lezcano, Senior Vice President, U.S. Marketing for Church’s Chicken, said, “Church’s is dedicated to offering the next level of flavor in a sea of sameness, and these offerings are no exception. We’re always looking for ways to continue bringing our guests past favorites as well as new menu offerings, all at a great price point.”

That sentiment is clear with the most recent menu additions. In response to fans, two favorite menu items, Texas Tenders ‘n Butterfly Shrimp and Strawberry Blast are back on the menu. The shrimp offering debuted in 2021 and was a rousing success.

During the spring season, many quick service restaurants add fish forward dishes to the menu. The Lenten season often has more people having fish on a weekly basis.

For those who didn’t get that first taste, the Texas Tenders ‘n Butterfly Shrimp can be enjoyed in the Texas Tenders ‘n Butterfly Shrimp meal. That meal features four large butterfly shrimp, all white meat Texas Tenders, regular fries and a honey-butter biscuit. The meal is priced at $6.

Church's Chicken
Church’s new menu items, include banana pudding, photo provided by Church’s /

What is the new Church’s Chicken dessert?

For many people, a meal is incomplete without a sweet ending. While many quick service restaurants offer frozen desserts and even cookies, Church’s Chicken is taking inspiration from a classic Southern dessert.

Added to the menu is Banana Pudding. Made with real Nila Wafers cookies, the creamy pudding brings a taste of home. The contrast of textures and the richness of the flavor could have some people heading to the restaurant to just get dessert.

Thinking about this menu addition, it is an interesting choice for the brand. Adding a homey, traditional dessert seems to capture that sense of nostalgia that many people are craving. Although there is always a space for new and innovative, sometimes the classics, like banana pudding, are the flavor that people want.

What do you think of the new Church’s menu items? Are you excited to go get a taste?