Coca-Cola Starlight is the first step into the Coca-Cola Creations world

Coca-Cola Starlight the first beverage in the Coca-Cola creations line, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Starlight the first beverage in the Coca-Cola creations line, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

While Steven Hawking once said that one of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect, Coca-Cola Starlight looks to capture a flavor that epitomizes the vastness of space. Although few have enjoyed a meal surrounded by the cosmos, the wonder that the star filled sky offers can spark a spirited conversation. With the new Coca-Cola Starlight, the first offering from the Coca-Cola Creations concept, space might be a flavor that captures the sweetness of a world meant to be explored.

Starting on February 21, Coca-Cola Starlight will launch its unique flavor on store shelves. While the Ava Max collaboration brings excitement to each sip, the reality is that many people are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to unscrew a cap. While this beverage is just a glimpse of a potential space flavor, the special offering is one that many people will want to experience.

Over the past several years, the space race has reignited a passion over leaving the Earth in a rearview window. As the ground rumbles and the sonic boom rattles everything, that fire in the sky has everyone looking upwards. Even if a screen projects a fantasy world of super heroes and grand stories, the reality the real space force is grander than what others imagined.

What can people expect from Coca-Cola Starlight?

During a media event, Coca-Cola shared that its Creations experience is intended to create a pop culture connection. While last year’s launch focused on the virtual world, this first beverage in the Coca-Cola Creations platform looks to start the real magic journey. As the first of many limited-edition flavors, it seems that the iconic beverage brand has started with an ambitious task.

Coca-Cola Starlight is billed as a space themed Coca-Cola. While the beverage brand was one of the first beverages to go to space 36 years ago, this newest flavor might be rooted in the past but it is innovative. Although many people can speculate what space can or cannot taste like, the beverage team brought their concept to the bottle.

Available in both regular and zero sugar, the Coca-Cola Starlight has a vibrant label. The fuchsia hues almost look like the views that have been captured by the Interational Space Station. The colors seem to anticipate what to expect, bright, exciting and an adventure.

Various people have speculated on the potential flavor. Guesses have been raspberry, s’mores, and a variety of other sweet tastes. The reality is that the beverage is sweet forward. Like looking at the stars at night, everyone should have the opportunity to taste and form them own opinion. But, for those who do not prefer sweet beverages, they might prefer to stay on tierra firma.

After enjoying the Coca-Cola Starlight, a few thoughts did come to mind. Given that NASA food scientists are looking to amplify flavor, it makes sense that the sweetness is bolder. Although a touch of spice would have been a nice nod to the astronauts who crave those bold flavors.

The Coca-Cola Starlight will be available starting on February 21, 2022 for a limited time. Check with retailers for availability.

Looking up holds a world to discover. Be curious, be bold and the possibility to succeed is within reach. Grab a Coca-Cola Starlight and never give up.