Duncan Hines EPIC line adds more Pebbles inspired treats

Duncan Hines and PEBBLES new offerings, photo provided by Duncan Hines
Duncan Hines and PEBBLES new offerings, photo provided by Duncan Hines /

Time to say yabba dabba do again. The Duncan Hines EPIC line has just added two new offerings. It looks like that got up and go will have everyone turning on the oven.

Over the past year, the Duncan Hines EPIC line has been a huge hit with home bakers. The various offerings bring a sense of whimsy as well as an over the top dessert that is worthy of a bakery case. With simple instructions and all the necessary offerings, everyone can create a picture perfect dessert that will have everyone asking for seconds.

Previously, Duncan Hines offered a Pebbles inspired dessert. The new newest offerings bring the sweetness to the next level.

The Duncan Hines Cocoa Pebbles EPIC Cake Kit transforms a simple chocolate cake into a cereal creation. With the Cocoa Pebbles Flavored Frosting and Cocoa Pebbles for cake decoration, it is a triple chocolate confection. The added crunch from the cereal instantly satisfies.

For those who prefer fruity flavors, the EPIC Fruity Pebbles Flavored Frosting can transform any dessert with a little taste of yabba dabba do. Whether topping a simple yellow cake or creating an epic springtime dessert, there are a plethora of dessert options.

Looking at the new flavored frosting, this idea could become a new trend. Just think how many cereals could be transformed into a frosting. For anyone who thirsts for cereal milk, this a cereal frosting might become a favorite on many desserts.

These Duncan Hines EPIC line additions come after the exciting Dolly Parton collaboration. Featuring Southern inspired desserts, the special offering was instantly a huge hit.

It seems that many home bakers are looking beyond the traditional desserts. The connection to either favorite food brands or famous people seem to spark excitement to get back in the kitchen and bake again.

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The new Duncan Hines EPIC line additions featuring Cocoa Pebbles will be available nationwide starting in March. The Fruity Pebbles Flavored Frosting is available now.

What other Duncan Hines collaborations would you like to see on the shelf? What flavors inspire you to keep baking?