Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich gets a flavor upgrade

Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich, photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich, photo provided by Popeyes /

While many people love that chicken from Popeyes, there is something new to catch on the menu. The Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich is back. Although there can be many fish in the sea, this one has caught many people’s attention.

Quick service restaurants entice guests with convenience and value. Although few people can debate that a homemade meal might look different, the reality is that the ability to order and eat sometimes can be beat.

During the Lenten season, many quick service restaurants put fish sandwiches front and center on the menu. Whether it is that Fish Friday or just a craving for a little flakey flavor, there is an uptick in this food choice. But, not all fish sandwiches are the same.

With the return of the Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich, the popular Louisiana Kitchen quick service restaurant took to New York City to get some real opinions about its fish sandwich. What people had to say was quite telling.

This year’s offering features either a classic or spicy fried fish. Given that spicy fried food has seen a surge in popularity, it makes sense that Popeyes would offer a spicy fish. In some ways, that option sets itself apart from other quick service restaurants, too. Some people just prefer spicy flavors.

One of the reasons why people appreciate the Popeyes fish sandwich is that it looks like fish, which was clear in the video. While the lunch lady might have served mystery meat, others prefer not to solve what food is on the plate.

According to Popeyes, their fish sandwich is basically four ingredients. Served on the classic brioche bun, the fish filet is paired with the classic pickles. For people who like a little brininess with fish but don’t like coleslaw, this option is a great choice.

The Popeyes Flounder Fish Sandwich is available now for a limited time. The suggested price is $4.49.

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Ready to say that you love that fish from Popeyes? With Mardi Gras around the corner, it might be time to let the good times roll and catch a tasty fish sandwich.