Molly Sims shares simple ways to make “me time” a way to reenergize, interview

Molly Sims for Hood, photo provided by Hood
Molly Sims for Hood, photo provided by Hood /

Just by looking at Molly Sims some people might think that life is full of sunshine and rainbows. Even though her podcast and social media accounts have moments of levity, some people might think that she has it all. Still, she strives to be authentic in all that she does. While the thought might be overused, that quest for perfection is unattainable, but life can be fulfilled. In a recent candid interview, Sims shares how me time and a little life balance can bring more laughter to any occasion.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Milly Sims about the importance of me time, finding a little levity in life and making balanced eating a little easier. As any woman, mom, and businesswoman can appreciate, having it all might be a nice goal, but smaller accomplishments deserve their moment in the spotlight, too.

As more and more people are learning to appreciate “me time” or “self-care” is isn’t instantly part of the daily routine. Still, finding those small moments to reset are important.

Sims said, “ I think “me time” is really important and yes, it is so hard to find that time. When I am “momming,” im “momming” hard. I’m doing amazing. I then feel bad about my work. And then when I am crushing work, I feel guilty about being a mom. But I will say, “me time” makes me a better mom. To carve that time out, I put it in my calendar. I schedule it. And that can be a massage, that can be reading a book, that can be watching a movie, that can be going on a walk with my girlfriends or going early for drinks. I think you do have to fill your tank. If your tank is full, you’re a better mom, you’re happier. You know that old saying, ‘happy wife, happy life,’ there is a little bit to that. You know? But I know it’s hard and sometimes especially when you have a newborn or very, very young kids, to carve out that time. I will say, a therapist told me this once, ‘guilt isn’t real.’ It’s something that we make up and we put upon ourselves so if that helps anybody out there, it helped me a lot. I’m from the south and I feel guilty about everything! But I do think it’s important. Put a mask on in your bathroom, make your favorite disgusting snack that you know you shouldn’t eat but you want to, take those little moments and give yourself that. Have your ‘yes’ day, and if you can’t have a day, have a moment, or have an hour, or have ten minutes. Give yourself permission. It definitely pays off.”

Giving permission to say yes is a huge first step. So often people are taught to say no, put others first and deprioritize themselves. That sense of seriousness or need to accomplish things can make the pressure to do it all overwhelming.

For Sims, there seems to be some laughter in her life. Even if is just a moment of silliness on a social media post, that moment of happy seems to offer the needed break.

Specifically, Sims said, “You know I think it’s important to have levity. I also think it’s important to be authentic and honest. But also, not take everything so seriously. We’re not perfect. I even say that to my kids, like perfect doesn’t exist. I am the girl who will take my kids to Chick Fil-A or make them drink a protein shake. I really try to find a balance and as a working mom, that balance is always hard. But balance comes in everything and I think if you say, ‘you’re never going to have sugar,’ it’s me saying ‘I’m never going to drink’ – of course I am! I would just be setting myself up for failure. Especially if I say ‘I’m never going to do this, or I’m never going to eat this,’ even with fitness, I think A. it’s not as fun and B. it’s a better way to live your life.”

That fun doesn’t just come in bits and pieces. It is woven into everything, including the food that she serves her family. In what seems to be a trend with many women, protein shakes are a go-to option. In a few sips, the protein rich food can help fuel an active lifestyle.

When asked, Sims said, “I do a protein shake 2-3 times a week in the morning, I use vanilla pea protein, collagen, almond milk with a little blueberries. It’s very filling. I do cottage cheese, I love the Hood Cottage Cheese. I’m actually eating it now with berries. I can have that for breakfast, I can also do savory for lunch. I make a cottage cheese pizza which is a fibrous cracker, with Hood Cottage Cheese. And actually they have a new flavor, the Everything Bagel Seasoning. It is so good! You can use country style as well. And then you add a little tomato sauce and a little bit of parmesan. It’s a great healthy snack. I think for me growing up with cottage cheese in so many of my mom’s recipes and also just having it with simple tomatoes. I think cottage cheese has gotten a bad wrap, but it has 13 grams of protein and I don’t think people realize how actually nutritious it really is. And also for kids! It’s so hard to get protein in them, so I’ll throw it in a shake! I had avocados in their shakes, I hide Hood Cottage Cheese in their shakes. I add it to pancakes and waffles. My trainer, he loves it in egg whites. It’s also great with calcium but my kids like the peach flavor. There’s a pineapple flavor too. But I also do fat with my kids. We love avocado, avocado toast. We do poached eggs, we don’t just eat the egg whites. You know? Nuts, like almonds. Real food, I think is what is really important to get your kids to eat.”

Molly Sims with her kids eating Hood Cottage Cheese
Molly Sims for Hood, photo provided by Hood /

While adults might appreciate that balanced eating is important to an active, healthy lifestyle, kids may prefer for life to be filled with fun food. It isn’t that healthy eating can’t be fun, but sometimes there needs to be a little enticement to get them to pick up the fork.

Sims was candid in her response. Saying, “I bribe them! Like if you eat this, I’ll give you this. I have no shame in that. You know, I try to do color, like with broccoli you’ve gotta eat your trees! Or butters, almond butter, peanut butter, again things higher in protein and fat. My kids are really active, and so it’s really important. But I lie to them, I don’t (care)! Like I lie and say, ‘that does NOT have avocado in it. That does not have cottage cheese in it.’ I love Jessica Seinfeld, she did a great cookbook about hiding certain things, and the kids don’t know it! You aren’t lying, you just aren’t telling everything.”

Even though Sims might use all of her persuasive techniques to get the family to eat more balanced, it isn’t always a struggle. She has found a few easy swaps that everyone appreciates.

In the Sims’ household, it is all about popcorn. Sims said, “More of a healthier version of a popcorn. Like, we don’t have to have it drizzled in MSG, butter and truffle salt. We can still have popcorn and it will still be healthy. Nuts are a good swap for anything. Yogurt, I’ve gotten my kids into eating Greek yogurt, Hood Cottage Cheese as opposed to really carby oatmeal. Oatmeal is good but it’s high in sugar and high in carbs. My kids like cauliflower rice, and cauliflower pizza crust. I just serve it. It could be gluten free, we aren’t a gluten free family, but sometimes we do eat gluten free because that’s what we have. We do a lot of carrots and hummus. My kids are obsessed with a charcuterie platter, which might sound disgusting to some people but they love it.”

While she might seem to have it all, Sims lives by some simple words of wisdom. Specifically saying “I work hard, I play hard.”

When asked about her successful podcast and career, Sims shares, “I try to be present in what I do with my work. I got a new office, which I am really proud of. As much as I love my team, and through COVID with having my husband here, my kids on Zoom, I felt that my job was never ending. And I had to have a little separation of church and state. So after 20 years of having an apartment in New York City, I sold it so I could get my office. And I’m happy! I’ve never had somewhere to go. Yes I’m in my bedroom talking to you now, but i think you have to sometimes make sacrifices so you can be present. You’re not always going to be great at both at the same time. It rarely happens. But I do think that you don’t need to work 24/7. If you are working 24/7 you probably aren’t being efficient either, I’m really efficient. And not to float my own boat, but I can multitask, and maybe that’s good or bad, but I can multitask like it’s nobody’s business. But I also calendar. If you see my day to day, and we are doing a media day, I have hair and makeup and styling. It’s a big day! I’m going to New York. I’m doing all different kinds of talk shows. I will have everything calendared. I have enough discipline through modeling and being an actress that time is money. So my kids are my money. So if I’m not present and getting things done then that takes away from them. I’ve also made a conscious decision to say no more. I am the type of person who will try to please everyone. And then sometimes I end up being the one who is not pleased and let down. So every yes is a no to my family and I think that’s the one thing COVID has taught me. You don’t have to do that. Do you need to? Do you want to? Is it going to change the needle? So I literally ask myself these questions and that has made a big difference in my life. I feel like I’ve won the lottery.”

While there seems to be a windfall in her life, the rest of the year is looking to roll forward. From her family to her career, the positive outlook is on horizon.

Regarding her podcast, Sims said, “Lipstick on the Rim, has been incredible. We are on such a ride, we are now national and people are really loving it. We have a great group of listeners and a great community to be able to talk about beauty, wellness and foods and what you do and what you don’t do more importantly. So that’s really big. We have incredible guests coming up for Lipstick on the Rim.”

But, it doesn’t’ stop there. “ is kind of my go-to site for all things fashion and beauty and tips and tricks and how I do things and how I don’t do things and what I love. I just finished building a house in New York, so that’s really good. My kids’ athleticism is at an all-time high. We are busy! I might be starting something at the end of the year that I’ve already been working on for about 14 months. That’s kinda been my baby project. Literally, it’s going to be two years to the day soon. But it’s good! We’ve got a lot going on. I’m producing 3 movies, two tv shows. It’s all good things. You know when people say you can do and be one thing? Nah.”

While she might never be just one thing, Molly Sims has a fulfilled life. From family to business to personal empowerment, her cup is full and it seems that is the way that she likes it.